7 Signs You Are Bluffing Too Much When Playing Online Poker

How do you tell if someone is bluffing in poker? Even more importantly, how can you tell if someone is doing it online? No matter how big of a pro you are, this can still be hard to tell & detect. However, do you wish to win and test your luck or knowledge? Looking for different solutions or signs on how to understand this topic? Keep on reading as we discuss some key points & signs on how you can spot an insecure player or a bluffer.

7 Signs you are Bluffing too much when playing online poker

1. You are taking way too much of your time

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Players who talk too much, or at least more than their typical or common normal amount, are probably bluffing. This is because, in poker, people act strong when they are weak and they act weak when they are strong. Oftentimes they try to give you that reverse psychology approach, hiding their emotions in an unusual way. This is also a rule that you can apply in the online gaming strategy. If you have a group chat or webcam turned on, you can see your opponents and their facial reaction. If they are typing & contributing a lot more to the chatbox, they might be losing more than you’d think.

2. Suddenly, they are acting quickly

If you play a lot of online poker you are probably well aware of its strict timing & how much it can contribute to the game. You should never act too quickly since this is a visible & common tell. Each player should always play his or her cards within the exact time frame. Here is what your speed is probably saying about you as a player:

  • Quick & reckless – you are working with a weak hand yet you wish to assert dominance in any way possible
  • Slow & steady – you are taking your time to think about each outcome while aiming to take out all the highest bets from other players

3. Your story or your moves don’t make sense

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How good is your gaming strategy, and how well aware are you of all the rules? Do you know how to arrange your cards & keep composure? Here is one example that will explain this in detail:

  • You end up raising early on with cards such as T♥T♣
  • A recreational player calls the big blind
  • Here comes the flop with 4♠8♦9♠
  • He or she checks as you make a continuation bet
  • The other player calls
  • It’s a 2♥
  • He or she checks as you make a continuation bet
  • Then the river comes 2♣
  • He or she leads out with a big bet

There were numerous straight draws and flush draws on the flop. However, each one was missed, which just shows that this was a poor bluff.

4. Fish on tilt

Have you ever heard of this expression before? If not, be well-aware of it, as well as some heated shady players. All in all, it is extremely important that you are paying attention to each player at the table, both virtually or in person. Fish is a term of a person who is someone known as a recreational player, often driven by noticeable emotions, especially if and when losing. A recreational player will call you preflop and then make small bets into you on the flop, turn, and river. In most scenarios, this is a middle pair or a weak draw. A fish on tilt is likely to be bluffing.

5. Large bet sizing

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All of a sudden they are betting more than before? Perhaps they are going all-in? Do not be naive, foolish, or scared by this move. Have you wondered why they are making this approach? Well, it is because they don’t want to be called. Watch out for anyone who is over-betting, since true players will do this move more often than not when bluffing big. Be prepared to act accordingly within this or similar situations.

6. You know how to + you can read the other player

This is more so of a live poker thing that you should keep an eye out for, but you can also approach it with online games. True pros these days are able to stay consistent with their body language staying impacted. Although you can’t see the person that you’re playing against, you can still use common sense. Also, if you are playing with your closest friends and family, you are probably already well aware of their mannerisms, so use this information to your best knowledge.

7. The high board

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Do you understand the high board? Even though everyone will fire one bet or maybe two on ace high boards, this doesn’t allow you to play recklessly & by formula all of a sudden. If you are playing against someone who doesn’t bet a lot, then you can fold. If he bets a decent amount but is somewhat straightforward, then you can call. If you are playing with someone who is going to value bet lightly, then you should fold. Make sure that you are composed & calm before you let them make their move. The truth is, they depend a lot on you & your hand, so don’t give them that pleasure.

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