4 Tips for Setting up your New Huddle Room

Conference rooms are synonymous with large, spacious rooms that look quite sterile and contain mostly large tables, chairs and necessary technological accessories. Doesn’t sound fun at all, we agree. However, most companies believe that such conference rooms have long been outdated and choose to design some more flexible rooms that will provide all the necessary conditions for optimal work of employees, but also to be designed in a way that will help them come up with creative ideas and engage all team members. These are the so-called huddle rooms that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of huddle rooms, it is necessary to equip them in the most optimal way. In the following article, we share with you some important tips for setting up your new huddle room.

What are huddle rooms and what are their main benefits?

Huddle rooms are a modern alternative to conference rooms. They provide the opportunity for employees to communicate when they need more intimate space to exchange ideas, to hold important meetings, as well as to have spontaneous gatherings of employees when it is necessary to discuss how a project is progressing and what still needs to be done. Huddle rooms provide a lot of flexibility and ensure that the job is done, but with an optimized, supportive environment.

The main benefit of these rooms is that they provide a small and intimate space that is enough to gather only a few people, and thus provides a more intimate, pleasant atmosphere for brainstorming and discussing important topics. These rooms are not designed for any specific purpose, but can be used to achieve different business goals, depending on what superiors and employees need at the time.

Thanks to the fact that they contain a variety of technological devices, huddle rooms can be quickly transformed in order to achieve the desired function at any given time. If you want better communication between team members, the huddle room is a way to go. We definitely recommend that you design them in an optimal way to get the most out of them.

Useful tips for setting up your new huddle room

1. Go minimalist with furniture

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When choosing the right furniture for your new huddle room, keep in mind that everything should be as practical as possible. We suggest you choose minimalist furniture of simple design, which is easily mobile. It is crucial that you can move the furniture at any time and organize it so that it fits perfectly into your current needs. Just a few chairs and a table will be enough, but we definitely suggest that you consider furniture that has multiple functions and can provide you with extra seating space when you need it.

2. Choose a wireless presentation device

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A great addition to your huddle room is a wireless presentation device that will allow everyone present to see the content that this device receives from a laptop or mobile phone. Modern technology devices are very desirable in your huddle room, but make sure you find the ones that will be most beneficial to you and your team members and that will increase your productivity and the success of these meetings.

3. Pay special attention to acoustics and lighting for maximum comfort

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Acoustics and lighting are truly important factors if you want your huddle room to be comfortable enough, but also if you want all your meetings in this room to be as productive as possible. You can’t achieve this if the acoustics are bad, so those present team members can’t understand the ones sitting far away from them. Also, you want to eliminate all potential shadows and ensure that all team members can see each other. These are the details that truly make a difference.

Consider placing high-quality microphones in your huddle room, as well as sound insulation that will ensure that no noise comes from outside when you hold meetings and discuss important topics with your team members. You want complete peace so that everyone can be open to thinking, coming up with new ideas and be able to achieve maximum levels of productivity.

4. Consider using helpful online tools

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If you don’t seem to know where to start, we suggest you consider using online tools to help you design the perfect huddle room for your business. Huddle rooms look quite simple and seem to be very easy to design, but the truth is, this is not always the case. It is crucial to ensure that the huddle room can fulfill all its functions with minimal furniture and equipment.

Although at first all this may seem too confusing, with the right tools you can make the whole process much easier and in a short time you will design a huddle room that will support you and your team in the successful completion of all of your projects. If you are looking for a useful online tool that acts as a huddle room configurator we suggest you consider HUDD.IO.

It is an online tool that takes the hassle out of designing and picking up technical items for huddle rooms, conferences, meetings, breakout and teams rooms. Hudd.io offers a wide range of integrated furniture and technology and an online configurator makes it easy to choose exactly what you want to make your huddle room the perfect place to be.

This Huddle room audio-video integration software will help you design your ideal meeting room in no time and start enjoying all the benefits it will provide to you and your employees.

Conclusion: Huddle rooms are a very popular addition to a large number of companies nowadays and are a more modern and flexible alternative to conference rooms. Huddle rooms provide more intimacy during meetings, can receive just a few people and provide a more pleasant atmosphere for working and making important decisions. The optimal design of the huddle room is very important, so we advise you to go minimalist with furniture and choose a good wireless presentation device that you will use during meetings. Pay special attention to acoustics and lighting for maximum comfort and look for online tools that will help you design the perfect huddle room for your needs, with the least hassle and in the shortest time possible.