SEO Guide For Shopify eCommerce Startups

No one can regret the growing reach of e-commerce in the world, especially as people go digital shopping. As the e-commerce trend grows, people are relying less on development than on ready-made platforms, which simply need basic information rather than encoding for making a brand-new store.

Even the big brands are becoming the norm for e-commerce brands such as Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

The modern world has set the trend for brands to typically opt for the Shopify platform, which is one of the best and most popular e-commerce channels. BuiltWith statistics show the use of Shopify as the CMS doubles in 2017, while in 2019 more than 10,000 websites used Shopify to sell their products online.

“There are about 25 million e-commerce stores that are functional in today’s world, but have you ever thought about how your business will be recognized? Unique content writing services and other SEO strategies might be the answer.”

It is possible with the help of integrating the SEO facts on your site that will increase the rank of your site. This article will brief more about the SEO practice that should be available on your site to increase its visibility.

Why is SEO important to Shopify?

Search engine optimization in Shopify is just as important as with other websites because Shopify only provides the platform and not the marketing for your business. SEO makes improvements in the Shopify Store that make your business unique and competitive compared to other websites. However, some facts are automatically provided by Shopify.

For example, Shopify offers the possibility of a blog that may have content to rank your site higher in the SERP. Furthermore, it helps to generate the meta title and description without the implication of coding, while it also forwards automatically.

SEO is very important because the existing competitors in the market have more power to strengthen their position at the top of the search engine.

SEO strategies for Shopify

In the following, some of the effective SEO strategies to make your Shopify shop prominent are discussed.

1. Compatible with Google Crawler and Indexer

Once you have created your Shopify store, you should have a strategy to index it in Google’s search engine, as it is the most used search engine. However, this is not difficult, but you need to do it professionally.


Before moving to the robot file, you should know that in Shopify stores, users are not allowed to make any changes to the robot file.

This is essentially a file that helps Google index your web pages in the search engine. However, on other platforms, you can edit this file so that no file on Google can be indexed. However, Shopify automatically prohibits some pages from being indexed in Google. These pages include:

  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Internal search
  • Policies Page
  • Orders
  • Admin Area

Redirects is one of the ranking factors of SEO for the search engine. According to SEO guidelines, out-of-the-box redirects are recommended and Shopify allows its users to implement redirects out-of-the-box.

You can easily go to your store and click on the URL redirects.

2. Keyword research

Whenever you create a website or blog, you need keyword research as the first strategy to place your website higher. However, keyword research is also important for Shopify.

The best way to create a keyword for your shop is to use tools such as Google AdWords, which not only provide the keyword but also track the credentials of that keyword such as keyword difficulty, CPC, keyword volume.

You should have selected the keyword that is very engaging and relevant to your product in your store. Later, the keyword you select must have more volume and less difficulty.

Later, keyword optimization is important, such as adding the keyword in the title, meta title, and description.

As competition for keywords has increased and is increasing, the search engine usually recommends using the long-tail keyword, which has fewer difficulties.

3. Avoid Duplicate content

Just as with other websites, duplicate content is the problem Shopify users usually face. Duplicate content occurs when you copy the product description, image, or even the title of the product from any other website.

This causes the problem because the search engine always recommends the ranking to those who use the unique content. On Shopify, the search engine also has difficulty finding the best page when it is duplicated.

One of the recommendations for avoiding duplicate content is to use the originality checker, which compares your content with all content on the Internet. In this way, you can make your Shopify store safe from violations of the terms of use.

4. Shopify Blog

A blog is a page on the website that has a lot of content for its audience. However, one of the best things about Shopify is that it automatically provides the blog page on your website. Blog posts can help you communicate with your audience as they want to hear the details about your brand and your products.

Many brands use the blog page to create a comparison list of their products, such as “Top 10 Baby Shoes for Winter 2024.” Besides, the blog is also used to tell the story and other portfolio material to the new audience that needs to be introduced.

The blog is a great way to rank on the search engine because all SEO search terms, especially on-page SEO, are applied to the content that is normally available on the blog page. For example, the incoming and outgoing links are applied to the content of the blog. In the e-commerce world, reviews from real customers are important because people believe in the product and brand through reviews and ratings.

The blog entry includes a comment section where the original reviews are published, so new customers can see the original reviews about the brand and its products.


Instead of putting an enormous sum into the development of the e-commerce store, Shopify is a better option, where you can customize the store yourself.

In addition, there are several themes on this platform that are easy to install. You should do a Shopify business yourself and apply some of the most important SEO techniques to it to make ranking in the SERP.