What is Semi-Permanent Makeup and How Does It Work

As you suppose, semi-permanent makeup is something like tattoo makeup that wipes out by itself after some period, for example, one or two years. That period can be shorter, for example, six to nine months, depending on what the client wants and how durable the results should be. First, we need to explain that most of the people who are fans of this service don’t really put vibrant colors, make their eyebrows very thick, or the lips red – they mostly enhance their natural looks, like the shape of the mouth, or something like that. This action saves a lot of time in the morning while getting ready for work, which is really important for those who want to sleep more. It also offers a natural-look makeup option, that you can make even better by putting some mascara and blush on, and always look healthy and glowy.

In the past, semi-permanent and permanent makeup was taboo among the people, and there are still some of them who find it controversial, but we must say that the tools and inks used now are much better and the whole technique is improved to the level no one can even recognize there is some artistic intervention over the face. And as a matter of fact, these experts have male clients too, who just need to fix something, so they can be satisfied with the way they look. The results are very realistic, and there are methods that not only put makeup, but they make it look natural and incredible. So, you can check on www.designerpermanentmakeup.co.uk if you think it’s worth giving a try.

What includes semi-permanent makeup?

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It’s a color applied at 0.2mm under the skin, and it fades away in a few months or a year or two, depending on your preferences. The most popular enhancements in this industry are eye lines, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, and beauty spots. Some people even fix something they don’t like by using this method. It’s important not to mix the semi-permanent makeup with cosmetic procedures as surgical corrections of the lips or other parts of the face.

Once you put it on yourself, you should expect the makeup to fade over time. For example, beauty spots can last nine to twelve months, but eyebrows can stay on your face for up to three years. Also, lighter colors easily fade than the darker ones, and that’s why the eyebrows last longer. But, if you expose yourself to direct sunlight, you don’t treat the makeup properly, or you use cosmetics with higher concentrations of active ingredients. Sometimes, even the immune response can be more aggressive, and make the color turn pale in just a few months since the cell rejuvenation starts at the moment the procedure is finished.

You need to know that too, that semi-permanent makeup is completely safe for you, and you need to look for a certified technician to perform it if you want durable results and a professional approach. Keep in mind that if you want the same result for a few years or more, you need to schedule regular touch-ups every few months.

What are the most popular semi-permanent makeup procedures?

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We already mentioned a few of them, but let’s see what these experts can do for you, more than that. Permanent eyeliner is for those who pay attention to the way their eyes look. Lip tattoo is to improve the natural shape and color and only enhance it with lip gloss every day. But, do you know that micro-blading eyebrows, ombre powder brows, micro feathering, lash lifting, and scalp micro-pigmentation are also part of this procedure? Some studios offer “fixing” to skin imperfections with micro-pigmentation too. So, there is a wide range of services covered, and you can combine them as needed.

Is the procedure painful?

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It all depends on the pain tolerance of the client. Sometimes, local anesthetic treatment can be applied before the intervention, so it makes the pain easy to handle. We don’t say you will feel a lot of pain, but surely it’s an unpleasant feeling, especially if you are too sensitive.

You need to talk to the technician who will perform the procedure about eventual allergies or extreme skin sensitivity, so they can know what to use. Some people, due to health conditions, are not even eligible for this type of procedure, and it can be either too painful for them, or their skin can’t handle the tattooing process, and it becomes immediately red or swollen.

On the other hand, the machines and tools they use are very gentle, since they are made to be used on the face, and in most cases, you won’t have any problem with pain or reactions. But, it’s always better to talk to the cosmetic expert in advance, before the eventual damage is done.

How to take care of it?

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It’s a skin trauma, and it needs some time to heal, so you should follow the instructions the salon gives to you after the procedure. Don’t use cosmetics that you think will work on you. It requires special care in the first week, so you can keep the colors vibrant and the result durable. Improper care means the colors will change or fade away, and you will need to repeat the process sooner than you planned.

Keep in mind that with proper care, micro-pigmentation can last up to three years, and eyebrows and lips three to five years.

If you decide to remove the semi-permanent makeup, there are methods done by experts, but they are pretty expensive. Knowing that you have a semi-permanent solution, maybe it’s better to simply wait for the colors to fade, instead of handling a lot of pain because of the laser procedure, and yet, paying a lot of money for it.

In the end, we will suggest carefully think about this one, especially if you are not sure what to expect after the procedure. It’s easier to simply remove the makeup with cleanser and water, instead of waiting for it to fade – so give it a second thought before you take a big step like this.