Secret Of Harmonious Relations Between Man And Woman

In this article, we will tell you about the ideal energy exchange between a man and a woman that leads to harmony in the relationship. We all know that people are different, but there is even more – women possess some qualities, and men possess others. So it was originally conceived by nature. A union between two people appears only when they mutually in love. A man would appear as a defender, as a person who protects and cares about his woman. A woman, in turn, shares her energy with him, making their house warm and cozy, she surrounds her man with beauty, care, and attention. Only in this case, we can say that a man and a woman have connected like a puzzle and have absolute harmony.

By creating a union, man and woman unite their energies, thereby creating one energy structure for two. For a harmonious union, the energy centers of partners must perform clearly distributed functions between them. In the ideal alliance, both partners, time after time, possess functions of one another, and they both serve as an inspiration for each other. The energy exchange between a man and a woman is very important for building harmonious relationships based on mutual love and respect. Because without those two feelings, no happy and harmonious relations are possible.

Why are we divided into two parts

By the will of God, or according to the laws of nature, humankind has been divided into two halves that can’t exist without one another. Men and women should never ask “who is more important” because we all are. We can’t exist without our missing parts. Thus, we search for partners that suit us well: a man searches for a woman, and a woman searches for a man. Of course, there are exceptions when a man searches for another man, and a woman seeks another woman, but those exceptions only prove the rule. Both men and women are in constant search for spiritual, intellectual, mental, emotional, energetic, and sexual knowledge.

How does the energy exchange

Energy exchange between a man and a woman occurs at all stages and in all forms of their relationship. Even at the very beginning, for example, when you look at her photos and read her bio on Tinder. By the way, if you have never used Tinder before, you may want to read a list of Tinder online dating tips. Of course, after all, love is the most important feeling for men and women. And love, in its true sense, has a giving origin. When we love, we primarily give each other the energy of thought, feelings, words, and actions. This energy supports you and your partner.

Eternal energy exchange between a man and a woman

Our ancestors also knew that men and women are different from each other, both physically and energetically. But not only. A man and a woman become interconnected energetically when they form a pair. Constant energy exchange occurs between these two people. It begins at first glance and intensifies the close their relationships become especially intimate ones. Everything was created due to this energy exchange between a man and a woman. At the same time, each partner in a couple plays his or her energetical role. Sometimes, those roles shift, and a man may play a woman’s role and vice-versa, but only for a small period of time.

The cycle of male and female energy

Humans can receive energy from everything, and we do this most efficiently from things we love. This is why we feel so energetically connected with our partners. When our heavy industry takes energy (resources), they deplete with time, but this can never happen between a man and a woman if they managed to establish a good connection. In this case, they receive it from one another and redirect even more of it back. This reminds a perpetual motion machine. Yes, men and women’s energies are very different, but humans can transform it in the form they need. This another reason why two very different human beings (a man and a woman) can’t live happily without one another.