A Science-Based Guide to Increasing Motivation to Study

If you’ve ever studied in school, you know what it’s like to stare blankly at a computer screen. You may have hoped that your term papers would write themselves. You may have read the same paragraph in a school book ten times and still didn’t understand anything. Furthermore, cleaning the mess under the bed may have been better.

Overall, studying can be a chore. You may find it hard to start and even harder to finish when you have a hundred other things to do. But fortunately, you can find your motivation to study efficiently and maintain it with simple, scientifically proven methods. So, let’s determine them in this guide.

What is the Motivation to Study?

Source: insight.study.csu.edu.au

Science has been examining what brings the motivation to study. It comes from a Latin word that means “to move.” Multiple factors motivate people to learn, including internal inspirations and external influences—a desire to learn as much as possible motivates you. A good grade, a great job, or a car’s promise might inspire you to study.

Many factors affect your motivation to study, many of which you can control. A study conducted by Rory Lazowski and Chris Hulleman examined over 70 studies on what motivates students. According to their findings, you can consistently use several strategies to inspire you. This article describes techniques you can use to power through your study barriers.

Establish Clear Goals

Getting a good job and being rich is a beautiful goal, but it won’t help you much daily in school. The closer your goals are to home, the more motivated you will be to study. Studies have shown that students with clear academic goals have higher grade point averages than those with vague goals. But how would you establish clear goals to increase your motivation to study?

Identify a test in which you wish to earn an “A.” You might also decide to learn as much as possible about a concept that will help you in the future. Put a deadline on your homework so you can review it before you turn it in. You could also search for study-related questions to help you turn them in on time. For instance, you can search for computer science questions to help you with your goals. Be specific, relevant, and timely in whatever you aim to accomplish.

Let Some Daylight In

Source: nottingham.ac.uk

When you shut yourself away in a room and try to force yourself to revise, you are fighting against your instincts. As a result, the mind becomes tired and foggy. As a result, it is even harder to concentrate on studying. It would help if you instead exposed yourself to enough natural daylight to maintain a strong study motivation.

Light has three significant benefits for studies:

So, start your day by taking a walk around the park. After returning home and eating breakfast, you will be ready to concentrate and focus. You are more likely to maintain concentration if you work near a window. You’ll then be more tired at bedtime and get a good night’s rest before your next study session.

Picture Your Perfect Self

Take a moment to imagine what your life will look like in 10 years. How successful are you? Is your career something you love? Do you live in a world-class city? Then think about how you intend to get there. Students often make the connection between their schoolwork and getting into a good college or training program that will lead to their dream careers. But others may have difficulty connecting the dots.

Researchers have shown that you will increase your motivation to study if you visualize your future self. Furthermore, they associate it with higher grades, fewer truancy incidents, and fewer discipline problems. Think about what you want your life to be like next time you face an incredibly challenging assignment. After that, recognize that you must complete the task set before you have the life you want.

Establish Your Values

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What are your most important values? Can you think of two or three most important qualities you can develop? Is honesty something you strive for in everything you do? Is kindness vital to you? Do you value success most in your life? Reaffirming your values occasionally by writing in a journal or meditating about them can help you focus your energy on other areas.

When you value your family above everything else, you’ll increase your motivation to study and do well in school. It would be best if you appreciated honesty so that you will not feel inclined to cheat on a test as long as you study hard.


Finding motivation for studying is less about finding treasures than changing your perspective. These tips can help you maintain focus and keep going even if you only implement a few. So, which one will you start implementing today?