Top 8 Reasons Why Every Child Should Learn Coding

Everybody wants their children to gain several kinds of skills in life so that they can achieve academic, career and personal growth perfectly. There are so many important skills and extracurricular activities available for the children to learn that sometimes it becomes very hard to prioritize things. So, there is no need to worry because one such skill is still there that always stands in the modern era. This particular skill is coding because it will always give a great boost to life skills, schooling and socialisation among the kids along with several other kinds of advantages.

Following are some of the very basic reasons why your child should go with the option of learning kids coding:

1. Coding will always provide them with a new way to look at the world:


Computer coding is a programming language like any other kind of language with its grammar and syntactic rules. Hence, learning to code is considered to be learning a second language that will provide the children with several kinds of advantages and will make sure that they will be gaining a new perspective associated with a certain environment. Being fluent in coding languages will always make sure that children will be having an excellent outlook for interacting with the world around them and the best part is that they will be learning new literacy.

2. Coding also fosters creativity among children:

Taking a mental image of a particular situation and then giving it a form into the real world is the heart of creativity and the best part is that coding is all about this concept. Students can very easily harness their creative abilities to make animated graphics, interactive video games and websites through coding skills. Coding is one of the most important venues that will make sure that a child will be very much interactive and will be having his or her creations. Hence, this will serve as a very excellent supplement to the creative ideas of the children and will make sure that they will be able to bring artistic ideas into the real world very easily.

3. Coding will also improve the mathematics and logic skills of the children:


Learning coding will also make sure that children will be able to develop their computational thinking process which is directly associated with breaking down complicated tasks into small steps so that computer can understand. The same process children will use in terms of breaking down the complex arguments which will be a very basic pillar of the logical thinking process. So, the more the children will pursue, coding the more logical they will become in real life. The mathematical skills are also very much hard to grasp but when a student will learn such things through coding projects everything will become much more interactive and children will be able to learn the things very innovatively.

4. Coding helps the children with problem-solving aspects:

Simple coding projects will always provide the children with an excellent introduction to the concept of problem-solving at a very young age and now the coders will be learning how to break down complex problems into simple ones. Hence, with the help of coding, the children will be able to test out different kinds of solutions to ensure if they are working or not. Hence, with the help of this particular independent research, the children will be benefiting a lot and will be ultimately improving their problem-solving skills through different kinds of experiences.

5. Coding also helps in developing resilience among children:

The ability to cope up with failure is a very important skill which normally people lack nowadays. So, whenever the children will learn the coding subjects from the very beginning they will be able to consider failure as a stepping stone but not the ending of life. God forbid any of the miss-happening happens with the children they will very quickly recover from this if they are masters at coding. The process will be very much less frustrating and people will be trying different kinds of solutions very quickly. Hence, coding will make the children easier to develop resilience without feeling overwhelmed. One hour of practice in a day will teach the children the most important aspects of persistence and resilience in life. So, coding is very important for children.

6. Coding also makes the learning process very fun-based:

Computer programming projects will always provide the children with very exciting results and when they will work on stand-alone projects they will be able to work everything with the help of imaginative skills. In this way, children will be able to bring their coding skills to their current favourite toys and games that will further enhance different kinds of activities and children will love what they are doing. So, learning will become a fun based activity.

7. Coding is a very social activity:


The children can very easily show off their coding related skills to their friends and when they will be learning such things it will be improving their confidence directly. So, all these kinds of hackathons and virtual competitions will also make sure that people will be working on a collaborative platform with the right kind of problem-solving techniques and everything will be based upon a higher level of planning and goal in mind. So, children will be working with better preparation for teamwork skills since their school life. This will also help in preparing future managers.

8. Coding helps in repairing the students for careers of future:

Coding skills are considered to be the indicators of digital literacy which is very much important our days. More than 50% of the jobs require digital literacy and coding skills. So, if the children will learn coding from the very beginning they will become future proof because they will be well known to solve different kinds of problems. After all, they are logical thinkers and will be very much valuable in any of the career fields.

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