6 Pros and Cons of International Real Estate Investing – 2024 Guide

If you ask investors, a majority of them will tell you that their ultimate goal is to make a couple of them that will provide them with enough money to retire. As all of us will agree, this is not something that happens in most cases. Still, this goal is what drives people in this case. A lot of them are looking for a startup that has a promising concept believing that it will make a healthy profit from its growth.

Even though a majority of investors are looking into investing in stocks, we can see that a significant percentage has focused only on international real estate investment. If you want to take a look at a couple of places, be sure to visit javeaestateagent.com. We are sure you will find a couple of them that you’ll consider worthy of an investment.

When you take a look at this concept, you will see that this is sort of an investment that can become more long-term than any other sort. Just think about that, you can make a lot of money by renting these properties. For this reason, we would like to talk about the both advantages and setbacks of this concept. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these.


Before we talk about the cons, let’s take a look at the positive sides of this concept.

1. Leverage

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The first and most obvious benefit of international real estate investment is that you can use it as leverage for obtaining some new properties. Not only that you will have a financial benefit, but you will also have a chance to improve your portfolio further.

Also, if you conduct something like this properly, you will have a chance to minimalize the risks. For instance, when you want to purchase a new property, you can borrow some money and use what you already have as leverage. So, you can see that this is one significant benefit you can conduct.

2. Control

The next benefit we would like to talk about is the complete control you will have over your investment. When you compare it to some other sorts available for you, you will see that this one will provide you with the most control over your money. As you know, the choice of which one you will buy is up to you.

Plus, deciding on how many of these you will have is for you to decide. When it comes to earning money, you can either sell them or rent them out. Furthermore, you will choose how high the rent will be. When you know all of these facts, you will agree that this is the best choice for you.

3. Tax Benefits

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Despite all the benefits you can reap from this concept, you can see that tax benefits are the most popular ones. If you follow the trends in the finance world, you know that many people are complaining about the taxes they pay every year. Even the billionaires think that these are too high.

Because of this, many see international real estate investing as a way out. How can you do that? Well, since you can rent these properties, you can think about a price that will cover all the costs, including taxes. So, you will have a healthy chance of earning money without suffering financial damage.


Now, let’s see the potential setbacks.

1. Currency Exchange

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When it comes to the most obvious setback you can encounter with this sort of investment is the problem with currency exchange. If you know a thing or two about this concept, you know that these rates can be quite unpredictable. Therefore, they can cost you quite dearly sometimes.

While there is nothing wrong with waiting for your native currency, like the US dollar or Euro, to decline, we feel that waiting for this to happen can lead to a lot of missed opportunities. So, hiring an expert who can help you understand these movements and predictions would be highly beneficial for you.

2. Management

Managing an overseas property comes with a lot of challenges. For instance, you cannot manage it properly, unless you have someone living in that particular country. That way, you will have someone who can take care of all the problems with utmost ease, and quite quickly. But this is not common.

That’s why many investors are struggling with this aspect. For instance, you will not have a chance to meet the people you will rent it to or those that are interested in buying the property. You will agree that knowing the other party in a business is one of the most important elements of conducting business properly.

Taking care of your property can be hard even if you have it in your country, or when you have it near your home. Just think about the situation where you live in the US, and you have a property in some European country. You will agree that this would represent quite a challenge.

3. The Market

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Before you are ready to invest in property in a foreign country, it is an absolute must to learn as much as you can about the local real estate market. As you can presume, this is not something that we can describe as easy. Maybe the best move would be to hire a professional who can explain it to you.

Not only that, the professional you hire can provide you with some crucial advice that can help you maximize the profits. If you don’t want to hire someone, look for informative guides from property investment specialists in the country you wish to invest in. For example, if you’re considering the UK, RWinvest highlights the best areas to invest in to ensure the highest returns on your investment. But this is not the only thing you need to do. Try to research the stability of the country you want to invest in. If the political situation is unstable, then you should not do it.

To Sum Up

In the last couple of years, international real estate investment has become quite popular. Still, we feel that understanding both sides of the coin is an absolute must before you conduct business. Here, you can take a look at the most important ones from both sides.