5-Point Inspection To Go By When Looking For Used Forklifts For Sale

Are you in the market for used forklifts? If so, you know that sifting through hundreds of options can be time-consuming and challenging. To make it easier on yourself, we have compiled a 5-point inspection guide to help you narrow down your options when looking for the best fit. Whether scouring online listings or browsing at an auction site, follow these five steps before investing in used forklifts for sale.

1. Check The Forklift’s PTO (Pallet Truck Operator)

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By carefully examining the forklift’s PTO, it can be established whether the power take-off functions correctly; doing so will reveal the extent of any wear and tear on the machine. Furthermore, used forklifts with a failing PTO system can prove dangerous in certain operations and should be repaired or replaced before use. Ultimately, an effective evaluation of the used equipment’s PTO abilities will provide valuable data on its overall condition and maximize safety opportunities in the workplace.

2. Check For Damage On The Forklift

Checking for damage on the forklift involves thoroughly examining the entire vehicle, including the tires, brakes, hydraulics, and powertrain. Paying attention to dents, scratches, and wear patterns can help assess how well the used forklift has been maintained to ensure all components are working efficiently, safely, and reliably. Checking exterior panels also provides visible damage without concealing more serious interior mechanical issues, which could potentially be dangerous or lead to costly repairs further down the road.

3. Check The Forklift’s Base

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Checking underneath used forklifts for sale is a critical step of the 5-point inspection. This should include a close look around the forklift’s base, checking for any signs of leaking fluids or unevenness in the machine that could lead to costlier problems down the line. It’s equally important to look closely at any safety mechanisms like emergency shut-off controls and lights that may need more attention on used machinery.

4. Up-To-Date Safety Features

When searching for used forklifts for sale, one of the most important parts of the inspection is ensuring up-to-date safety features. Checking for safety features is essential – not only because used forklifts have a higher chance of having malfunctioning and outdated parts, but also because used forklifts can contain hazardous debris that –if not accounted for, can lead to damages or even serious injury.

5. Certificate of Conformity

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Lastly, certificates can provide insight into the used forklift’s general history and info on how it was used and maintained. The certificate also verifies that a used forklift meets industry standards to protect its components from wear, fatigue, mechanical failure, and other common issues with used equipment. Hence, if you’re looking at used forklifts for sale, you must thoroughly check each model’s Certificate of Conformity so you can rest assured that your used forklift is ready and fit for use.

How To Inspect Used Forklifts For Sale: In Conclusion

Used forklifts are an excellent way to save money. While they are an important piece of warehouse equipment, you must do your homework and inspect any used forklift thoroughly before making a purchase. By following our 5-point inspection checklist, you can be sure you’re getting a quality used forklift that will serve your business well for years. Thank you for reading.