How to Pick Your Restaurant’s New Freezer

There are a few essentials every commercial kitchen should have and of course a freezer falls into that category. But it’s not that easy to pick this item these days, as the market has expanded and offers restaurant owners a vast array of models. There are blast chillers, different designs including commercial upright freezers and even thaw cabinets.

How do you invest your money in the best possible option? This guide will help you shop like an expert.

Measure Out the Space


Start off by measuring out your kitchen and identifying the available space. Don’t underestimate the value of rearranging the entire layout. You could improve the workflow if you move a few stations around! And, if you can make space for a large freezer, like an impressive upright freezer designed for commercial use, you’ll be set with the right equipment even if your small establishment grows exponentially.

Still, it’s wise not to go too big, as this will require more power and rob you of floor space.

Consider all these factors and then shop for units that fit into the available dimensions.

Get to Know Modern Freezer Ranges

Do some browsing online to learn about the different types of freezers. A commercial sized freezer is vital and you benefit from enough space and the power of the machine that ensures temperatures stay consistent. Upright freezers often afford easy access to content, and you may be able to customise shelves’ positions to your exact needs.

You can also benefit from innovative models like blast freezers that help you reduce the risk of bacteria growth. They can even simplify your plans for the preparation of certain dishes, as you won’t have to wait as long for a dessert or other dish to cool and set.

Furthermore, a cabinet freezer with a work area on top turns your freezer into a workstation. That’s helpful for arranging workflows in a small kitchen.

What’s the Best Placement?


Any piece of furniture or equipment you place in your commercial kitchen will affect the workflow of your team. You don’t want a small detail to hamper tasks, block access or make processes more complicated.

For this reason, consider a freezer’s impact should you position it in the allocated spot:

  • What direction do doors swing and is this helpful or do you need a different design?
  • Is there enough clearance in front of the doors that make it easy to open, even when the kitchen has multiple workers present? It shouldn’t risk injury or bothering someone who is busy at their tasks.

List Your Needs

There are reasons to pick the latest model in commercial freezers or a blast freezer. However, as a business owner you must first consider your current needs before simply investing in equipment that looks great and has impressive specs.

It’s all about what will assist in you achieving your goals in the kitchen and what suits your budget.

For example, if your current freezer is giving problems, you need to replace it before spending on more advanced equipment. After all, you can’t risk an old freezer ruining a dish because it can’t keep temperatures consistent.

Or perhaps you simply need more space to store cold items? Or you need a smaller unit because the current big freezer is in the way. There are models for all these needs.

However, if you realise it’s getting too difficult to deliver food on time because you need to wait for certain dishes to cool down for an extended period of time, a blast freezer is a wise investment. It’s also a good option to better manage health and safety, as there will be less chance of food spoiling.

But, always check your budget before buying!

Consider Energy Efficiency


Modern freezers can do a lot, but many of them can still be energy efficient while performing optimally. Research this aspect of the models you’re considering, as it will affect what you pay in monthly utility fees.

What’s the Warranty?

You simply can’t risk having to take out cash in the near future to replace that freezer, should something go wrong. That puts your restaurant at peril. This shows the importance of working with respected brands that offer decent warranty cover.

The Supplier

Do yourself a favour and source your next freezer from a company that has been around for a while. An established brand will be able to provide ongoing advice and service, so you can optimise the use of your new kitchen item.

You can also compare vendors and pick the ones that clearly partner with the best. From stocking the market leading brands to having reviews of other restaurants, there are many telltale signs that show you who is to be trusted.

Last Words

You’re lucky to operate your business at a time where there’s so much to choose from! Benefit from modern technology by buying innovative models. But, with the restaurant industry being so risky, do consider your financial position carefully first.