Nine High-converting Lead Magnet Examples And Design Ideas

Technology has magnificently advanced and entered all areas of the world, including the corporate world. The customers’ demands have remarkably changed, and it is all about digitization nowadays.

Someone rightly said that people Google rather than they think. Everybody prefers searching queries on search engines rather than thinking about it and figuring it out themselves. Search engines have advanced and work hard for the searches made every day. The browsers crawl all the available content and bring up the most relevant blogs or information on the search engine results page (SERP) for you in just a second or two. As fantastic and easy it sounds, it isn’t easy to be on the first SERP. Furthermore,

Various strategies have emerged in the marketing field, and entrepreneurs are enjoying several benefits by utilizing these tactics. One such exceptional plan is email marketing and lead magnets. You must have heard the term before, but it is a unique marketing tool that has beaten all others. Lead magnets are a powerful tool that helps in customer conversion, building a potential email list, increasing sales, and developing customer relationships. The trending lead magnets have been adequate for most businesses, and you must grab them too. All things considered, what is a lead magnet, and how is it developed? These are two big questions that might be popping in your mind right now.

A lead magnet is a marketing term or tool used for free services or products offered to acquire the visitors’ details like an email address or phone number. For example, you can provide an ebook, blog, or free webinar if the visitor subscribes to your newsletter. In this way, you get their emails, and it is more straightforward for you to interact with them. Let’s look at some of the most stable lead magnets in marketing that might help you.


People consider ebooks a challenge that demands a lot of time and effort for creation. However, it is one of the most tried and effective lead magnets among all. You have to compile some blogs from your website in the form of a book. You can give it a new introduction and conclusion, and there you go! Your ebook is ready. For example, if you own a salon business, pick five most searched topics like hair fall remedies, hair dye options, best facials in town, etc. Introduce your salon in the beginning and end with the crux of the ebook.


People love to read and listen to success stories. Another converting lead magnet is the guidebook, which is a written form of your company. It includes how you started, the hardships that came in the way, and tips for startups. You can attract visitors interested in starting their business. They would love to subscribe to your guidebook.


Resource guides are a collection of all the hacks that help in getting the desired outcomes. Do not confuse this one with ebooks and guides because a resource book can only help people achieve goals. For example, if you offer software service to other organizations, you can create a lead magnet that contains all the software required in the accounts section or the marketing department; “Different CRM software for your company.”


Templates, the most convenient type of lead magnet, have a significant impact on conversion.  Checklists are most effective when it comes to a template. You only have to convert your blog post into bullets and eliminate any point that cannot be actionable. It helps visitors to cross-out the implemented ideas and works on the left ones. Undoubtedly, it is an easy trick and a tried lead magnet. Offering a downloadable PDF version is the best choice.

Planners are another type of template lead magnet. Creating and offering a blank planner will help the new entrepreneurs to plan effectively.


For service providers, the lead magnet is a little different from product offering companies. You can use ebooks and guides, but people trust experience over any typed form of your offering. Free trials for your service is a proficient lead magnet. For example, if you own a salon, offer your clients a free massage or a haircut with dye to attract them, and boost sales.


What could be better than real-life examples for persuading customers? Well, real-life scenarios or case study bundle is a high-converting lead magnet. Your video interaction with a customer is an excellent option. Convert the video into a typed format and ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or email services in exchange for a case study.


Webinars are also trending these days, and it is the ideal time to offer free training sessions and webinars. It will be a collaborative and straightforward meeting where you can explain all the items of ebooks and blogs to the attendees. Discuss your journey and hardships, and also prepare them for the future problems they might face. Offer free training sessions if one provides their details.


How about a discount after answering the quiz? Experienced marketers are now offering discounts on their products or service in exchange for their details. Let’s suppose you own an auto repair shop and create an email list for future campaigns. Anyone who visits your site asks them to subscribe and avail 10 percent off on their next visit to the shop.


Different service providing companies have emphasized free consultation to anyone who fills out their form for newsletter subscription. The terms free, discounts, cashback, etc. are appealing for visitors; therefore, a free consultation is another high-converting lead magnet.


Lead magnets are an essential marketing tool that has made interaction simpler for marketers. It is a time-consuming process, yet the most advantageous among all other tactics. People search all their queries on search engines like Google and Bing. Without resting for a minute, start digging and find out the most searched words regarding your business. Post relevant blogs and infographics, and do not forget to add a catchy call-to-action. Acquire email addresses and offer the visitors blogs or ebooks in return. Create a list of emails, begin your email marketing campaign, and wait for skyrocketing sales.