What LVL Should You Be For Mythic+ Dungeons in WOW?

The Mythic Plus dungeons in World of Warcraft are a significant element of the game’s endgame grind and one of the finest methods to get high-level gear. They are, however, one of WoW’s most challenging game modes, demanding mastery of your class, in-depth knowledge of each dungeon’s structure, monster gaming skills, and a high level of speed. Mythic Plus dungeons might be intimidating to novice and casual players since it tests the gaming skills and the overall knowledge of the fantasy game of a player.

The fact that Mythic Plus dungeons are not at all intuitive is part of the problem. You can’t merely read what to do in the Adventure Journal as you do in conventional dungeons. There are precise paths (which can change weekly), community-made methods, several etiquettes, and unspoken do’s and don’ts for tackling Mythic Plus dungeons with strangers, to master. However, do not worry because this article will walk you through everything. Here’s how you can start playing Mythic Plus dungeons in World of Warcraft and become a master at it.

What is Mythic Plus in WoW?

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One of the most popular elements in this game is Mythic+. Essentially, we’re talking about an element that is based on the fundamentals of the game. The easiest way to explain Mythic+ dungeons is as an upgrade to the lowest level of dungeons. The dungeons you encounter when leveling up your character will be enhanced and become considerably more difficult as you approach Mythic+.

Not only will the enemies grow more difficult, but the prizes for completing these stages will be considerably more massive. As a result, it’s no surprise that people want to be a part of these expeditions. They will not require an introduction to the environment because they are familiar with it. At the same time, the whole concept’s competitiveness will be substantially higher.

What LVL Should You Be For Mythic+ Dungeons in WOW?

There is no hard and fast guideline for what item level you should be in Mythic Plus due to the difficulty scales. It’s entirely based on the dungeon’s level. As a general guideline, you should be at item level 184 to accomplish Mythic +1. It is the level of loot found in standard Mythic dungeons. You may probably start looking at Mythic +1 and +2 dungeons after you’re in the 180s.

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How Do You Get In?

There is one crucial distinction between this concept and others in the franchise. If your character isn’t at a specific level, you won’t be able to participate (which is 184 in this case). A player cannot complete this quest if the level is lower. It is the only criteria your character must fulfill before you begin this quest. Change the difficulty to Mythic plus and search for the “Font of Power” if you have reached level 184.

Why Should You Play Mythic Plus in WoW?

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why mythic+ dungeons are worthwhile.

1. Playing in Groups

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The opportunity to collaborate with their pals is the first point we’d like to discuss. You’ll agree that this is a significant advantage, especially if you have some partners with whom you’ve completed numerous raids in prior titles in the franchise. If you’re planning on playing World of Warcraft for the first time when the next installment is published, you’ll be relieved to learn that building a friend list in this game is pretty simple. As a result, you will have the opportunity to form your squad in no time.

2. Improve Your Skills

The next point we’d like to discuss is having the opportunity to develop your character’s talents by acquiring valuable experience. To get the most out of this, you’ll need a thorough understanding of all the dungeons, and their related elements where you will gain the most experience.

Unfortunately, it appears that possessing all this information before performing these missions is a component that most players are unaware of.

3. Getting Ready to Be a Hero

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Aside from the fact that these dungeons are a terrific way to level up your character, we can see that this is a great chance to get some high-power loot as well. You would undoubtedly agree that you will be unable to advance in the manner you desire without it. Not only will you be able to find it, but you will also notice that the quantities are pretty significant. You can either utilize it or sell it for coins that you can spend to level up your character.

Depending on the level of the quest and the number of quests you have completed, the vault system allows you to choose one item from up to three options. Higher dungeon levels provide higher item level rewards while completing more dungeons expands the number of pieces available. The vault system is a fantastic technique to help alleviate the arbitrary dispersion of loot, and Mythic+ dungeons provide many impressive options that are of a higher item level than what the dungeons regularly drop.

4. Get Ready For A Challenge

Finally, we’d like to discuss the level of difficulty this assignment poses to the players. Any WoW player will tell you that the challenge component is far more essential to them than the reward they will receive if they succeed. We can observe that many users repeatedly increased the difficulty level before the developer introduced this notion. Without a doubt, we believe this is an important consideration.


Mythic+ has a large and growing fan base. There are many contests and events where players may put their abilities to the test all year long, in addition to live key pushing during each Mythic+ season. Every year, Blizzard sponsors the official Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) competition, in which the finest teams from across the world compete in a series of Time Trials and Cups in competitive dungeon races.