How to Make Things More Interesting in the Bedroom – 2024 Guide

To have a successful relationship you need to put in a lot of work. But, it is a good kind of work; the one that makes you feel good about yourself once you’re done. Hard work within a relationship always reaps benefits; it is a golden rule. When it comes to sex, the work never ends, and there’s no room for slacking. It is never too late, and it can never be too much experimenting in bed. You must not, ever, neglect this side of a relationship. The routine is good in some areas of life, and the bed isn’t one of them. So, don’t be afraid to do something new, be a little goofy if it is needed, and show initiative. In this article, we are going to push the subject of how to make things more interesting in the bedroom. If you feel that you’re already lacking in this department, we’re glad to hear it, as our help is then much needed and we are looking forward to providing it to you.

You shouldn’t worry too much if you’re reading this article and feel that help is needed, because it is on the way. Many couples have lost the much-needed passion and the only experiments they have in bed happen when they’re outside of their house, or when no one is around so the intimacy is instigated by privacy. If this is your case, the first step is to make sure you’re uninterrupted, and for everything else follow our lead.

Starts Small, Aim Big


This is the first thing we want to tell you, so listen carefully. No change is too small. You need to start with even minor details and they’ll lead to great things. It’s not how you start but how you finish. The results are visible at the end and not from the start. Most people get the point of improving their bedroom intimacy by making massive changes to their routine. No, you do not have to start with S&M games immediately. Turn Rihanna off. As we said, the goal is to start with small things and then partially add novelties up. Some of the things you can do are try and change the time of day or night when you have sex, try a new room or new space for this activity, new angles, and positions, or new clothes. If you are impatient and want everything and want it now please help yourself from the Lovify collection.

Don’t Take Your Clothes Off

We know it is not easy to take us seriously after this statement but here we are. We’re dead serious about this. Sex usually includes one thing – taking all of the clothes of. But, many experts agree that it is not always the best option to take it all off. Instead, you and your partner need to leave something on. It can be the smallest of things such as necklaces, heels, or bra when it comes to the ladies. Men on the other side can take their shirts off and remain only in unzipped pants. Or turn it the other way around take the pants down but leave your shirt on. You can leave the socks on, but this is far from sexy, so take the socks off. Trust us, leaving clothes on instead of taking them down can make a huge difference in the bedroom.

Plan Your Activity


Yes, you heard us well. We know people usually plan these things once they enter the boring zone of their relationship, but there’s a catch. If things have gone astray in your bedroom, planning how and what you are going to do, at which time, and for how long can add excitement to the whole thing. You could turn all of your plans leading to this one event which revolves around sex. Create alarms, select the days in a calendar, and set all the needed time to the side to make everything happen according to a plan you set in motion. It doesn’t matter if you plan an hour-long session or a five-minute quick encounter, make sure you plan it all.

Play Games, Promise Rewards

You can’t argue with us, most games are fun. This is what they are supposed to do, and yes we suggest playing games in the bedroom. Of course, most people are now imagining doing something kinky. No, we are not talking about that kind of games, or about that kind of fun. Listen carefully – we are talking about board games, card games, you know, games you would play with your friends. You could play poker or monopoly, but with different kinds of rewards. The loser would reward the winner with a massage, backrub, or any kind of sexual favor. Yes, while playing you could think about what would your reward be. While having thoughts about it, you’d get aroused, and when the tie comes for reaping the benefits of playing games you would be super excited. Not a bad way to put some excitement in your bedroom.

Create Rules, Forbid The Boredom


Most issues in a bedroom arise when things get too boring, and repeatable. You need to end this immediately. Most couples who enter this phase of a relationship rely too much on what’s already established. They repeat poses and refuse to change and adapt. This can easily be changed by adding a few rules and banning a few things. If you rely too much on doggy pose cut it out, try something new, and do not return to old habits for a while. Discipline matters inside of a relationship. You’ll feel good once you are in bed and when your body by muscle memory goes the path it always has, but it is no longer an option. Being stopped in your tracks is going to create all kinds of fun and excitement. Once you are in a pinch, and no longer can do what you are used to, the time of experiments and new things will start which will do wonders for both you and your partner.