Latest Technological Trends In The Online Gaming Industry

Technology is rapidly changing the dynamics of our lifestyle and has left its mark on everything – including the gambling industry. Upgrades in recent tech have made it easier for players to place bets and win millions with the click of a button. Upon the inception of online gaming and gambling, the technology has shifted, evolved, and developed, thanks to advancements in modern technology.

Although many things contributed to what the gambling industry is today, we’ll be looking at the most recent influences.


The ability to play on our phones through a satellite connection is often taken for granted, but it exploded the gambling industry to new heights. The majority of players prefer laptops, tablets, and phones to desktop versions of their favorite casino. Websites like Casumo Casino have their own app available to download on their website, so players can access slot games wherever they like.

Mobile technology has changed the way people play games in general, but the ease that someone can place their credit card information online and make a bet has pushed the industry into a billion-dollar market.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets have been around since the 80s, but the technology wasn’t used for gaming – more so for training. Nowadays, VR headsets are available in electronic sections at drugstores, and the technology itself is so sophisticated that we can feel totally immersed. VR has turned out to be a fantastic option for players who want to avoid brick and mortar casinos, but still want to experience the realistic feeling of table games like poker and baccarat.

Traditionalists who picture digital casino gaming as a menial experience may come to like VR casinos. Virtual reality can enhance players’ excitement because they can see and hear the room through a headset. With interactive controls, it’s almost like being at a real-life casino.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a new, immersive experience of a real-world environment where items that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated information. Augmented reality can sometimes cross multiple senses like auditory, visual, and touch. Pokemon Go is probably the most popular form of augmented reality, but it’s currently in its infancy and undergoing experimentation.

In regards to an online casino, there is a lot of development. However, there isn’t any site that currently implements an augmented reality function as of writing this. In the future, there may be a virtual live dealer projected from your screen.


A smartwatch, Fitbit, or something similar is considered a wearable. As wearables become a more familiar sight, it’s easier for casino operators to upload and download apps on these systems. Along with the ability to play on these devices, there is also the opportunity for people to cheat. Some land-based casinos have banned them entirely, but most online casinos accept them with open arms.

Although wearable gadgets are accessible to all, it’s still a new technology. Smartwatches can connect to your phone to access poker games more conveniently, but currently, the battery life makes them irrelevant.

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography is a type of security that changes once it gets hacked. It exploits quantum mechanical properties to perform a cryptic task. There are multiple benefits to this, mainly when it encrypts your personal data like your credit card information. With quantum cryptography, the flow of data becomes virtually uncrackable and will protect casino game data and transactions carried by customers.

Quantum cryptography already exists in multiple forms on casino websites today, but there is a push to make it easier to program but harder to crack. The technology is incredibly complicated and challenging to implement and could have the reverse effect on security if not programmed correctly.

Innovations like free online gambling games, live dealers, and digital betting shops are improving daily. These technologies will enhance the players’ experience in some way, whether directly or indirectly.