Is It Possible to Over-Vacuum a Carpet?

There are people who love doing chores in and around the house and those who will use every excuse in the book not to do them, but at some point, we have all used vacuum cleaners. Now, there are lots of models to choose from, and luckily there are many places like where we can find all the things we need for the house, including a vacuum cleaner, meaning that the choice of finding the right one should be easy. On the other hand, since rugs and carpets are something we love to have, there is much noise about how modern vacuum cleaners can damage those carpets. There are many ways vacuum cleaners can do so, but in the end, it’s all up to us and how we use them, which is why we will focus on how to properly use vacuum cleaners, what to avoid, and what’s preferred to do.

Read the manual


Okay, this is one of the most basic things one should do when they get some new appliance, especially today when the tech has advanced so much, and we have so many choices. Namely, modern models have many features, which understandably means that there are different modes we can use depending on the type of surface we are vacuuming. The most common issue here is that people often overlook this fact and just tend to use one mode for vacuuming different surfaces, which, in the end, might damage your carpet. Yes, this might sound silly and funny, but only at first, as these vacuum cleaners are pretty strong, so make sure to read the instructions carefully and set it to the preferred mode.

There is no need to hurry

Take your time when vacuuming because the slower you go, the more soil you will gather and the cleaner the carpet will get. Once again, this is closely connected to reading the manual and adjusting the settings, but nonetheless, it’s something of a must. Yes, there are people who love vacuuming and those who are not that fond of that chore, but even if you belong to the second group, looking to speed up the entire process will lead you nowhere, as you will also spend some time vacuuming, but the end result will be far from the satisfying and desired one. That is why, if you really plan to vacuum, make sure to go slowly, and above all, going fast can also affect and damage the carpet, especially if it is made out of some tender fabric.

Don’t vacuum every day


Just like every other fabric, the fibers in the carpet get weaker with time. Now, since it is a bit stronger fabric made to withstand cleaning and vacuuming, doing so in the proper way will not damage them in a short period, but doing so every day might. We all want our home to look as best and as clean as possible, but that doesn’t mean we should vacuum every day, not to mention several times a day. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that it is a waste of time to do so, and the second one is that the more you vacuum, the higher the chances of damaging the carpet.

On the other hand, dirt can damage it even more, so if the rug is really dirty, make sure to get rid of that dirt as soon as possible, but, once again, that doesn’t mean that you should vacuum twice a day. Vacuuming several times a week (twice a week is recommended) will do the trick, and the overall effect on the carpet fabric will not be as big as some might think.

Make sure to vacuum underneath the carpet

Even though some might think that highlighting this is not necessary, you would be surprised at how many people make this simple mistake. Namely, many people forget or think they don’t need to clean under the rug because all the dirt is already on it, but that’s a mistake, as the dust and dirt can easily get underneath it. That is why you should always remove the rug when you vacuum and clean the floor as well, as it is the only way to really get rid of all the gathered dirt.

Proper maintenance is the key


Like with every appliance or device, proper maintenance is the only way to prolong their lifespan and get the maximum efficiency out of them, and the same rule applies to vacuum cleaners, which is not something most people do. Vacuuming over large objects, cords, water, etc., are just some of the things we all tend to do, but that negligence will damage not just the vacuum cleaner but the rug as well. That is why besides avoiding slamming them against the wall or furniture, you should also clean them regularly, as it is the only way to avoid damaging the rug.

Use HEPA filters


We all know that the old models of vacuum cleaners weren’t as great as modern ones, and one of the biggest problems is that they would redeposit the dust and dirt while we are vacuuming. Even though this is not the case with most models we can find today on the market, the best way to really be sure that we will get all the dirt out of the rug and beneath it is by using a HEPA filter. Their purpose is to trap as much dander, spores, dirt, and, most importantly, as much bacteria as possible, and they will collect much more of them than any other similar device. The secret behind these filters is that they will collect even the micron-sized particles, making every rug as clean as possible. Another advantage is that they will not damage the rug and that they grant high-quality purification. Even if we take a closer look at studies, every study has shown that these filters are much more efficient than any other filter or vacuum cleaner that we can currently find on the market, meaning that you should at least consider buying one.