How HP Improve People’s Lives in Australia

Australia has the 14th largest economy in the world and enjoyed its 28th consecutive year of annual economic growth last year. The IT industry is among its major economic contributors, and many of its businesses rely on the online capability to operate smoothly and efficiently. On top of this, 91% of connected households in Australia own either a laptop or a desktop.

Laptops and computers have become a necessity in Australia in so many ways. And among the many brands in the market, Hewlett-Packard or HP continues to stand out. HP is among the most widely used computer brands today, and it is important to know what the most reliable HP distributors Australia have to offer.

Providing Business Solutions

There are so many ways that businesses in Australia can benefit from the features of various HP products. For starters, they have a wide range of notebook PCs with the perfect mobility features to increase the productivity and efficiency of small to medium businesses. HP’s Elite Family of laptops, in particular, are designed to meet the unique demands of most businesses.

If greater capacity is needed, they have high-performance desktops that will thrive even in the current IT environment. With their low lifecycle costs and superior performance, these desktops are a great addition to your operations. They also have business monitors and other accessories that are relevant to evolving workspaces. Each product has superior functionality and ergonomic flexibility that will boost your productivity and profit. They are available from many reliable HP distributors in Australia.

For businesses with even more complex computer needs, their HP workstation is the perfect solution. It is powerful and fast with unmatched graphics capability. It has advanced features but is easy to use and integrate into your business. The Z desktop is HP’s most powerful being able to keep up with the heaviest workloads for technical and creative professionals.

An HP for Every Home

Since the internet first came three decades ago in Australia, it has drastically changed and improved the way things are done. Now, almost 90% of households have internet access. This goes even higher to 97% for those with children under the age of 15.

Internet use in homes is commonly for entertainment, online purchases, banking, and social networking, all of which can be done smoothly with the HP Premium family laptops. It has impressive speed and power, packaged in an exquisitely crafted design. It is also one of their more secure laptops, with its unobtrusive fingerprint reader. In addition, it can be converted into a tablet, something that the kids would surely love. It is a laptop that has something in store for the whole family.

For gaming, HPs Omen family of laptops is the go-to model. It is built with powerful hardware and unique design. With one of Intel’s latest processors and the Nvidia Turing graphics, it makes for one of the most gratifying gaming experiences to have today.

There are HP distributors in Australia with whom resellers are partnering with to make these products available to many homes.

Why HP Remains at the Top Over the Years

From the very start, HP had been producing robust workstation laptops that are durable, made of high-quality components, and still relatively inexpensive. They have expanded their operation to serve a wider market while also remaining true to their identity of providing high-performance products at many price points. And, in Australia, where laptops and computers have become a part of everyday life, this is energizing.