How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Have you wondered about how Facebook Ads work? If you have had used Facebook before, you have probably seen an advertisement that was customized to your interests. For example, you like a lot of pages about music, shopping or sports. You will see an ad from a business focused on one of those topics. When you or anyone connects with the social media platform, you give Facebook valuable information.

Throughout this blog, we will go in-depth about how Facebook Ads work, the different types of ads, and more.

Why Should you Advertise on Facebook?

A lot of businesses use Facebook, and that number includes over 140 million businesses. Another question you might have is, do Facebook Ads work? The answer is still yes, but it always depends on your industry and goals. On average, Facebook Ads convert at a rate of nine to ten percent. There have been surveys conducted showing that consumers are 50% more likely to buy from a company they follow on Facebook.

Now that you know how useful Facebook Ads can be, how do they help you reach your target audience?

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

You can get specific with your ad targeting on Facebook. This is one of the most significant advantages of advertising on Facebook compared to other platforms. As mentioned above, there is a vast audience data available to you if you advertise on Facebook.

With Facebook, you can create ads based on their demographics, location, interests, or interactions with your business’s website. A custom audience is based on various factors, such as people’s industries, relationships, and life events. For example, if you shared a life event that you had a baby, and then started seeing ads for baby clothes, that’s why.

Furthermore, you can upload a list of customers who gave you their information online to get more specific. Facebook also has a piece of code that you put on your website called Facebook Pixel. Pixel can help you target people who interact with your site and your ads.

Different Types of Facebook Ads

Photo Ads – These ads can look like a Facebook post with an image and a status. If you like, you can choose to turn that into an ad.

Video Ads – There are plenty of options to choose from when creating video Facebook ads. Your video ads can appear within a video someone is watching, their feed, or a story.

Carousel Ads – A carousel ad lets a user scroll through up to ten photos or videos from your company and allows them to click through to see if they’re interested in what they see.

Slideshow Ads – Like a slideshow, this ad format lets you stitch together different photos or videos to convey your message on a designated landing page.

It’s important for you to play around and see which ad types you like and which ones you don’t, go into Facebook’s creative hub, and make some mock-ups there. The creative hub will provide you with a bunch of different ads in whatever format you want to try. It’s also important how you’re going to get those ads to the people who will engage with it.

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

A great advantage of Facebook ads is that you can set your budget so that you’re not forced to spend ten times what you originally planned. Facebook Ads appear because of an auction. Relevance and ad quality are critical factors in determining which ad should appear. The cost can vary depending on factors such as the industry, time of year, ad objectives, and other things. However, what you decide to spend is up to you.

When setting up your Facebook ads, you will need to decide on a bidding strategy. Your strategy will always depend on ad objectives. You can check out Facebook’s entire bidding strategy on their site for a great reference. With that said, here are some common bidding strategies.

Lower Cost – When you choose the lowest cost bidding strategy, Facebook makes the bids based on the lowest cost opportunities for your ads.

Bid Cap – You choose your bid cap. This means you set the limit for the max bid.

Target Cost – If you choose target cost bidding, you try and keep your bids at the same cost.

Each bidding strategy has pros and cons, so you need to decide what works best for your business. Facebook Ads are an excellent tool for any advertiser to use. If you need help with your Facebook Ads, contact the professionals at Get the Clicks. For more information about our digital marketing services visit us at