How Can You Stay Safe In Your Home?

Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary for you and your family. But did you know that most people come to the emergency because of injuries that happened in their own homes? As an adult and a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure your home is safe for everyone living there. There are some cautionary steps you can take to protect your loved ones.

Electricity and gas


In Uk and Ireland, gas and electricity certificates are compulsory for homeowners. Gas and electricity are used in every home, but sometimes we forget how dangerous they can be. Electric shock and burns are common hazards. Overloading fuse boxes and faulty wiring can cause serious damage like explosion or fire, and they can be life-threatening. Ensure electronic safety by installing the best quality wiring, appliances and wylex consumer unit. High exposure to natural gas can lead to natural gas poisoning and you can suffer from nausea, memory problems, headaches, suffocation etc. Pressurised gas can cause explosions and fire which can cause serious physical, mental and financial damage. But it is possible to minimise gas hazards by installing gas detectors, proper maintenance, regular inspection and taking precautions.

House inspection


Get your house looked at by professionals at least once in two or three years. Inspect the foundation, wiring, plumbing, roof, windows and doors to make sure the house is in its best shape and not posing a danger to the people living in it. Also, don’t forget to check the smoke and gas detector and change the batteries if needed. It is wise to look out for mould or water damage on the ceiling, walls and floors as they are harmful to the structure of your house. If your house is contaminated with rats or pests, it is not only a hazard for you but also the people near you. So, make sure your house is free of pests and call exterminators if needed.

Baby-proofing and pet-proofing


You have to take some special measures if you have babies or pets. If you want to keep your house in one piece and most importantly, keep your babies and furry friends safe. It is easy if you have a newborn, but it is not easy to create a safe space for curious toddlers. You actually have to nail down or mount every piece of furniture you own. Make sure you are going through the basics like outlet covers, cabinet locks, pinch guards, baby gates etc. Store medicines, chemicals or cooking ingredients out of their reach. If you have a pet, it is a must for you to get anti-scratch tapes for couches, cord covers, pee pads etc. Baby gates are also a good choice for pet owners too.



No matter how safe your area is, always keep your doors locked. It may seem unnecessary if you believe that you live in a safe area, but lock all the windows at night. Always locking your doors is a must especially if you have a child. Be careful when you are opening your door to strangers and teach your kids not to answer the door when the bell rings. Remember, it does not harm to be cautious.