How and Why to Bet Online

Online betting has become available as many online gambling companies offer their products to their customers. Online gambling mainly includes online betting, online casino gambling, online poker and less popular forms such as spread betting.

Online gambling is in short one of the most lucrative industries. Are you interested? If so, what are the first steps that someone must take before betting online?

First steps in online betting


Choosing and online betting site: There are several betting sites out there, but you have to make sure you do your research and find out the one that completely suits your betting needs.
Set a budget: This step is very important. Before betting online, you must think carefully about how much money you are willing to put at risk. That is why you should always set a budget and stick to it.

Learn the rules to online betting: There is always a page in your preferred betting site that allows new and existing players to learn all about betting, odds and more. Make sure to read carefully before placing a bet. Once you are familiar with the whole concept, you are ready to play!

Why gamble online

The betting platforms give you the opportunity to bet easily, directly and quickly wherever you are. Everything is now done with one “click” and more and more people of all ages are turning to online betting. First of all, everyone weighs their options and decides where they want to spend whatever amount they have for betting. We simply show you some of the benefits of online betting.

24/7 availability


One of the main reasons that one can choose online betting is the easy access 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays from wherever you are. Whether at home, or on an outing, from the laptop, from the desktop computer, from the mobile phone or from whichever device has a Wi-Fi, the customer can use it to bet on any option he wants.

Higher odds

The second, perhaps equally important, reason to gamble on the internet is the odds. The difference in odds between land based bookies and betting platforms is large to the point that sometimes it is not worth playing a game in an bookie.

A lot bonuses offered


Most betting operators offer generous bonuses from the minute the player registers with them. The bonus is usually tied up with the deposit of each player. They also announce offers for various games and may even credit money to a user’s account as some kind of reward. However, before accepting any offer, it is necessary to read in detail the terms from the option offered to you.

Live streaming

On most betting companies, you have the opportunity to watch a number of games which in fact cannot be seen on TV. Obviously a Real-Barcelona game will be broadcasted everywhere, but someone who wants to bet on the Chinese championship has the opportunity to watch the game live.

Betting operators want and have as a priority to keep up with the needs of each customer. So, noticing that there was a greater need for more security and anonymity in transactions, they decided to include cryptocurrencies in their payments portfolio.

Now, the top gambling operators in the world aim to attract customers who want to bet through cryptocurrencies, thus wanting to remain anonymous. In addition, there are operators that deal exclusively with cryptocurrencies and offer them as the only payment solution. More specifically, most operators accept both the widespread bitcoin and other popular forms of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Litecoin and several others.

The 2 main categories of cryptocurrency betting

Betting companies that accept payments with cryptocurrencies are divided into two main categories and are easy to distinguish.

Initially, in the first category belong the gambling sites who accept transactions with cryptocurrencies and when the deposit is made the player continues to bet with the value of the cryptocurrency one has chosen. This is quite convenient because many of the ones out there have quite a bit of value, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The second category is where the player has the ability to deposit with digital currency, but this is automatically converted into fiat currency. But what exactly is this? It is a means of payment which is not covered by a reserve of other materials such as gold, as a result of which it lacks some intrinsic value. This instrument is imposed by a government authority and is expressed in a monetary unit which may be equal to, multiples of, or multiples of the value of the currency.

Advantages & disadvantages of cryptocurrency betting

One of the biggest advantages of betting on cryptocurrencies is the lack of commission. This is probably the most important reason why players choose this method. This is because they do not have a loss of profit from the moment they make a withdrawal.

Many gambling sites, wanting to encourage their players to use cryptocurrencies, offer several special offers. This is an extra incentive to choose a cryptocurrency to deposit, especially if you are new to a betting company.

As with any payment method, there are disadvantages to cryptocurrencies. The most important of these is their volatility as a currency and there may be a large difference in exchange rates.
Finally, because this is a relatively new payment method there is no variety of bets for a player to choose if he wants to deposit with cryptocurrencies.

What is their future of cryptos in online betting?


Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. However, players do not yet seem particularly familiar with this payment method as they do not know it well enough, unlike more traditional methods such as a prepaid card.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrencies are expected to be the protagonist of the future as anonymity and anti-counterfeiting are two very key factors that players are looking for and new betting companies are taking this seriously.


In short, the internet is prevalent in many of the agencies which of course continues to be a main choice for many people, especially those who do not have easy access to the internet or consider online betting unsafe. But times have changed, personal data is confidential and securely stored while, if not all, most of the platforms operating worldwide, are fully licensed. At you can find all the crypto sports betting sites that suit your betting needs!