How Long Does it Take to Get a Sponsorship License in the UK?

Whether hospitality, finance, or tech, every sector requires foreign talent to satisfy customer demands, kickstart new projects, and grow business. Since the UK took a way out from the EU (European Union), aka Brexit, a sponsor license has become imperative for employers in the UK. Therefore, the need for engaging solicitors to manage license tasks and responsibilities and update you regarding any changes has become crucial.

However, the type of license and appropriate documents required to be presented depends on the type of your business and the number of vacant positions it has. But if you wrongly fill the application form, you are given a six-month time during which you cannot request another application.

What is a Sponsor License?


A sponsorship license is an official green signal from the UK government for an organization to give migrants a work permit. The names of the companies that apply for this license are mentioned in a register. To put it simply, a sponsorship defines a bond of trust as it allows the organizations to act as de facto doorman to the UK labour immigration rules. This license works for four years from the date of approval and can also be renewed.

Also referred to as Tier 2 sponsor license, it lets all the companies in the UK hire workers from foreign countries as well.

It is vital to note that not all migrants need sponsorship for working in the United Kingdom. If they are working legally in the country under certain immigration categories, they don’t need it. But for a majority of the workers who have migrated, it is imperative. They can only lawfully work for an organization that has got a sponsor license from the authorities.

Why is a Sponsor License Necessary?


As the UK government rigidly regulates the exodus of overseas workers into their country, it has made it compulsory for all organizations to obtain a sponsor license for hiring people outside of the EU. The Home Office made it official on January 1 this year. It also decided to incorporate an Annex to encourage employers who deem it necessary to have a license for early application.

Companies must note that this license demands a primary as well as continuing confirmation. While the primary proof is provided by the sponsorship application form, the constant assurance is carried out via periodic inspection by the UK Home Office to make sure that the organization abides by the rules.

How Much Time Does it Take to Acquire a Sponsor License?


When requesting a sponsor license, the employers must note how long the procedure takes. If they take such factors into account, it can help them with planning hiring and onboarding activity. The more time it takes to push forward the application, the more likely there are going to be problems if the candidate decides to discontinue.

Currently, the UK Home Office takes about eight weeks to issue a sponsor license. But if the employers work based on their application, it will take about 2-3 months to finish.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the UK Home Office functioning is facing troubles daily. It is aggravated by the rise in the applications as all the employers in the country are preparing for the new set of rules which ask them to own a sponsor license for employing non-UK workers, including EU citizens who entered the country in 2024.

If your application gets rejected due to incomplete documentation or a problem in the procedure, the employer can request correction under the Error Request Form. This form must be presented within 14 days and a response can be expected within 28 days from the date of refusal. But due to the pandemic, the response time may vary.

What Factors Cause Put-Offs in the Application Procedure?


Employers without a sponsor license don’t have the authority to employ migrants or lengthen the work permits of their current employees. Other than Covid-19, many other factors also influence the processing time, which includes:

  • Companies are finding it hard to get a sponsor license solicitor who can prepare the right documents.
  • Complex organization structures require rigorous documentation and assessment.
  • Not submitting all documents or failing to present the ones prescribed under Appendix A.
  • The Home Office decides that a specific organization does not have sufficient robust practices to manage the license and comply with its duties.
  • Organizations have not hired key personnel before submitting their forms.
  • The Home Office decides to carry out a pre-sponsor license audit in its premises before granting it the license.
  • Not paying the application fee, meeting eligibility criteria, and promptly responding to the Home Office inquiries.

Sponsor license solicitors must ensure caution before rushing to apply because if it gets rejected, you will have to face unnecessary delays. It is of benefit to get detailed advice on sponsor license as by doing so, you can make sure that:

  • Your application is processed at the earliest.
  • You minimize the chances of it getting rejected.

According to some solicitors, it takes a little time from the date a business decides to obtain the license until it submits the application form. It adds up to the overall time taken to get their hands on a sponsor license. However complicated and lengthy the procedure is, companies should not go against the immigration rules and recruit workers without obtaining a sponsorship license.

Final Words

No one had imagined that a day would come when companies would have to obtain a license for employing workers. But after the UK abandoned the EU, everything turned upside-down. The rules of working in the country changed, which made it necessary to get a sponsor license.

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