5 Tips on How to Fight Anxiety and Depression

Mental health has always been of great importance, especially in modern era, where everyone is constantly under pressure and stress, which are closely connected to normal life´s pace in the last century. However, in times of covid, with suicide rate going through the roof and more and more people having difficulties to deal with anxiety, depression or loss of a loved one, the importance of mental health has become crucial for having a balanced and happy life.

Furthermore, people have become aware of the importance of healthy mental state which has resulted in more and more qualified therapists, life coaches or mentors teaching mindfulness and how to move on with our lives after a huge stress, or a loss. For instance, YouTube, itself is full of ads and videos about how to achieve more prosperous lives and become the best version of ourselves.

1. Be Kind to Yourself

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Every therapist in the world agrees on the fact that self-love is a very important ingredient to enjoy psychological well-being and we can define it as the acceptance of the feelings we have for ourselves, towards our physique, personality, character, attitudes and behaviours. It is the respect, perceptions, value, positive thoughts and considerations that we have and it depends on our will and not on other people, nor on the situations or environments in which we operate.

People who have high self-esteem identify themselves by being friendly, respectful, loving, independent, and they always care about their personal growth, their health, their training and for giving the best of themselves in everything they do. It is important to bear in mind that self-love is not a synonym for selfishness and that the lack of it leads us to have a weak or low self-esteem, to have feelings of sadness, dependence, insecurity, devaluation, disrespect for oneself and generates ignorance of who we are and what we want. You can further read about it here at timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

2. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

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A healthy lifestyle refers to a set of daily behaviors or attitudes that people perform, to maintain their body and mind in the best state possible. Likewise, lifestyle is the basis of the quality of life, a concept that the World Health Organization-WHO defines as the perception that an individual has of their place in life, in the context of culture and value system in which they live in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns. Lifestyles are related to the consumption patterns of the individual in their diet, as well as to the development or not of physical activity, and especially with the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and other related harmful activities. In other words, in order for the mind and body to be healthy, it is essential to take the time to do sports, eat healthy food, and not abuse alcohol or drugs.

3. Try Meditation

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Meditation can help improve our self-image and give us a more positive outlook on life. Stress produces marked modifications in the release of multiple cytokines, which are modulator proteins in charge of our healthy immune system function. According to several studies, meditation would reduce depression by decreasing the amount of cytokines released. Some forms of meditation can generate appreciable changes in our thinking, improving the symptoms of depression and increasing optimism and, therefore, also contributes to increasing happiness. These benefits of meditation can be maintained in the long run through continued practice. Another benefit of meditation is that it can also increase the existence of positive feelings and actions towards ourselves and others. For instance, Metta or benevolent love meditation is based on fostering the development of kind thoughts and feelings towards ourselves. From this practice, people begin to apply that kindness to others, starting with their loved ones and then moving on to those they know and finally ending with their enemies. The PositivePsychology that are achieved through Metta meditation can help improve social anxiety, decrease marital fights, and help control anger. Positivity, empathy and kindness towards others can also be maintained with the continued practice of meditation.

4. Entertain Yourself

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There is a growing number of therapists who highlight the importance of using our free time to disconnect even if it doesn´t include doing something productive. In the modern society we are repeatedly told that time is money, and that if we are not being productive we are wasting our time. However, we should bear in mind that occasionally all we need is to just set our mind at ease and not think about our problems, and the truth is while we are focused on something more entertaining, we are not thinking about what bothers us. In covid times, more people are likely to seek entertainment online, and this is where gaming and online betting industries kick in. For example, you can check out asiabet.org which is becoming increasingly popular because you can play your favourite game of chance, such as baccarat, online for real money. On this page you can find a list of top casinos for playing baccarat in India, and also an ultimate guide to playing, which includes baccarat strategy and baccarat rules.

5. Surround Yourself with Loving People

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And last but not least, it is extremely important to surround yourself with people who truly care about you because even if you have a healthy lifestyle, do meditation and enjoy your free time but you are surrounded by energy vampires or people who simply get you down, all your hard work could be in vain. However, it is easier said than done because sometimes we find negative people in our work or close relative´s environment and somehow feel obliged to put up with them. Nevertheless, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, which is a very fragile state, you should do your best to stay away from them.

In conclusion, the easiest way to deal with anxiety and depression is to lower the level of stress and do small acts of kindness we choose to cherish ourselves and our loved ones on a daily basis.