Establishing Good Communication In The Office

Communication is important in any kind of business and relationship. Not only does it avoid conflicts from getting blown out of proportion, but it also serves as the focal point of any business dealing. It can alter the way the negotiations are going. Good communication skills close deals faster. It builds momentum for the business to take advantage of. Every hiring manager wants candidates who are great communicators.

That is why entrepreneurs set up VoIP phone system solutions for small businesses. They invest in technology and systems that will help their employees communicate better. They look for apps and programs that will boost collaboration in the workplace. Businesses, big or small, will benefit from a team who knows how to communicate efficiently.

Open Meetings

According to the men’s group, many managers today rely on email, text messages, group messages, and voice or video calls. This is not the way to effectively communicate with your team. There’s nothing like having a face-to-face meeting with them. It is still the best way to let your team know what you want to happen. It will also give them a chance to speak openly about the concerns.


There’s a reason why email is an effective communication method among professionals. It sends the message without necessarily pulling the employees out of their workstations. They can also save the messages and reread them when they get lost in the instructions. If you’re using a shared Internet connection, your IT department can retrieve lost emails.

One-on-one Meetings

If you are having a problem with an employee, invite them for a one-on-one meeting. Avoid discussing your problems with an employee in front of the other workers. That will embarrass the employee and make them feel that you all ganged up against them. When speaking with an employee, make eye contact to let the message sink in.


Employees know that they need to attend training and seminars because these are intended to make them better. This is especially true if completing the training is part of the employees’ appraisal. You can use the training to send a message to your employees regarding their productivity in the office.


Make it a culture in your office to talk directly to your superiors and subordinates. Have an open-door policy. Allow your employees to reach out to you when they need to address some concerns. If you want effective communication flow in the office, it has to start with you as the manager.

Simple Words

Do not assume that all of your employees have the same vocabulary as yours. Speak using simple words that are easy for your staff to understand. Miscommunication is the worst thing that can happen in any workplace. It can lead to a lot of resentments that affect the productivity of the team.

Body Language

Use body language to lead your team. You can attend workshops that teach people the importance of body language. It is important to stand up straight, smile, have a solid handshake, and make eye contact.

You must make a solid communication plan that everyone will follow. This plan should be the standard of how everyone will communicate in the workplace. This will help employees become more productive and avoid confusion with projects and work relationships.