Erfun Khoshdel is a Voice of New Generation

Music is everywhere around us and most of us can’t spend a day without it. We have to be thankful for all the artists who create new art tirelessly, making our life a lot more enjoyable. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Erfun Khoshdel, known as Erfun. But, before we get into that, let’s talk a bit about music and different generations.

It’s not a secret that music evolves as generations change, and what was cool about two or three decades ago is totally different from what is cool today. We’re not saying that newer generations don’t enjoy retro music, but it’s pretty obvious that some new-born genres managed to dominate the charts throughout the past few years. One of those examples is cloud rap or also known as trap music.

But, we can’t generalize because there are a lot of different tastes for music amongst the youth, and although Erfun’s music is different than what most of us think is trendy nowadays, he still gets a lot of attention from the newer generations.

Who is Erfun Khoshdel?


Erfun Khoshdel is a pop artist but not like the ones you’re used to hearing. He combines a very unique modern style with some traditional pop elements and he makes music that’s pleasant to hear and full of emotion.

The most impressive thing about this artist is that he writes his own songs, does the piano elements on his own, as well as the guitar touches that he has in some of his work. This is not the case with most modern music artists as most of them are using a ghostwriter for the lyrics and hiring someone else to play the unique instruments for them. Nothing wrong with that but Erfun does it all on his own, which is always a thing to respect in our eyes.

About Erfun Khoshdel’s work

To be accurate, Erfun’s music is categorized as Persian pop music. His first song is called “It’s impossible” when translated to English, but the original name is “In Gheyre Momkene”. This song has a special meaning because obviously it’s his first one, but the lyrics are also pretty deep and motivating if you listen closely to what he says.

His second song does that even better, as it is dedicated to love. The name of his second song is “I’m in Love”, but the original name is “Ashegham Man”. From here on, Erfun didn’t stop creating. These first two songs were only the beginning. He followed up with “Chatr” which translated to “The Umbrella”, but his real career-boosting song was “Sale Pish” (Last Year). With “Sale Pish”, Erfun managed to gain the attention of listeners from the newer generations.

We feel like the modern production style is what makes him popular amongst younger people, and combining that with traditional elements in his songs, he makes up for a very unique sound.

Erfun is currently working on his album which he stated will be a very big surprise, so there must be some new songs on the album that we still haven’t heard yet. Judging by Erfun’s work that we’ve heard so far, he’s the type of artist who keeps on improving day after day. This alone is proof that one day Erfun will make it on top of the modern charts with his unique sound.

Erfun Khoshdel’s presence in the modern day industry


Nowadays most of us judge success based on numbers, but we can’t blame ourselves for it because social media and platforms such as Spotify and Deezer are king. Well, it’s safe to say that Erfun does really well on all these.

Although music is considered art by most of us, that doesn’t mean artists aren’t supposed to earn a living by doing what they love to do. Erfun has a great sense of business and this is something that we see with many other artists as well through the evolution of their music. Erfun managed to sense what the audience likes and he adapted his style to what sells the most. We’re definitely looking forward to his upcoming album that’s supposed to mark his name in this industry once and for all.

On Instagram, Erfun Khoshdel is very active and has almost two hundred thousand followers. He’s also active on Facebook and Twitter, but the majority of his community are supporters from his own country. He’s slowly gaining recognition in The United States as well.

Erfun Khoshdel has a website where you can follow all the latest news, but if you don’t want to manually check you can just follow his pages on social media platforms, it’s the easiest thing to do.

On top of this, Erfun’s work can be found on Apple music, which is something that’s an indicator of quality, because not everyone can make it on this reputable platform. After all, it’s run and moderated by Apple.

Who inspired Erfun?


We still don’t know much about Erfun’s background but it seems like most of his music is inspired by his life events. His lyrics are deep and meaningful which definitely hints that he draws inspiration from life itself. But, the best thing about his music is that he doesn’t put you in a melancholic mood when you’re listening to him sing, and this is probably due to the modern elements he implemented so skillfully in his art. But, just for the sake of it, we’ll take a guess at some of the people who may have inspired Erfun to start making music. Googoosh, Ebi and Haydeh are all artists that share a similar style, but Erfun seems to be in a category of his own.


The improvement we see in all of Erfun’s songs is more than enough proof that he’s here to stay. If you want to follow this artist and go through the journey alongside, feel free to follow him on all social media platforms. Doing so will allow you to instantly get notified when he releases his awaited upcoming album.