10 Effective Ways to Hide the Smell of Weed

When you smoke or use weed in some particular way, there is always some smell left behind you. Some people find it pleasant, but there are those who can’t handle it, and you will need to somehow mask it. Also, sometimes people maybe want to hide the fact they are using cannabis from others, because for different reasons.

Every plant in this world has its specific smell and aroma because that’s its way to fight against the predators in nature that can hurt them. It’s the same with marijuana. Most of us know how it smells – it’s green, intoxicating, sticky, and sometimes a little earthy. The cannabis extracts are also used as a perfume ingredient in luxury production. That means it indeed has some smell, that many people find controversial and disturbing because it’s usually associated with drugs. Some others can find it pretty pleasant too. But, if you are sure you want to get rid of that smell, then you should follow some of these tips:

1. Use a high-quality product

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When it’s properly prepared, packed, and stored, the smell will be fresh and green. At the same time, some producers took the whole game on a higher level, making weed buds with added aromas, so they can mask the real smell. Click here to see how it’s done. But, no matter how many additional aromas use, if the product is bad, it can ruin the complete experience, and cause the room, clothes, and furniture to reek of marijuana.

2. Open the windows

If you don’t want to make everything around you smell like marijuana, then you should try with the windows open, or even smoke it on the balcony. But be very careful, because your neighbors maybe won’t like it. You can even turn on the fan or ventilator, so they can quickly mix the fresh air with the contaminated mass, and remove the smell from the room. This is a very simple, very cheap, and of course, very effective way to fix this problem.

3. Using room freshener

Another one cheap idea, that you’ve probably tried. But, you must be very careful with this one, because of you don’t ventilate, the air fresheners can make things even worse. Can you imagine that sticky marijuana aroma mixing with some lemongrass spray? Such a mess. Don’t try to fix the things with perfumes, because if someone gets in, they can easily lose their breath from too many aromas mixed there.

4. Try with essential oils

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Tea lights and candles can “collect” the unpleasant smell of tobacco from your room, and you can try the same with the marijuana smell. But, keep in mind that if there is not a dash of fresh air in the room, the additional aromas can make the situation worse, causing headaches and a bad taste in the mouth because of the high concentration of different smells.

5. Turn on the air purifies

This device will help filter the air and get it back refreshed in the room. But, when you give this advice a second thought, then you’ll probably want to limit this action only for urgent situations because the device can trap some smells inside or even dangerous particles, that can later be easily spread all around your room.

6. The smell of coffee

A freshly ground coffee can be a powerful fighter against odors around you. Put a few spoons in a cup or plate, and place it in your room, so it can collect the bad aroma. This is also a widely known way to prevent the spoiling odor in the fridge, which sometimes occurs when we have too many fresh products like onion, salami, or some dish put in there.

7. Wash the furniture covers

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Remove the covers and wash them in the machine. If you think that the smell is fixed deep in the furniture, you can hire a professional deep cleaning service, so they can remove anything that stinks of marijuana from your bed, couch, or carpet. After that, bring back the covers, and hope that there is nothing left from the previous odor.

8. Replace the joint with edibles

Cookies, gummies, candies, there are a lot of ways to consume marijuana, without causing odor around you. Edible treats are a great way to enjoy the effects of cannabis, without that specific burning smell in your room or all over your clothes. But, keep in mind that if you use them too often, your sweat and breath can change their natural smell, and people around you can detect the marijuana easily.

9. Vaping instead of smoking

Experienced users already know how to make a vaping liquid using the extracts from the cannabis plant. According to some of them, it doesn’t have the same smell as the burning joint, but the effects are similar. As you know, vaping is today more popular than ordinary smoking, and many people prefer it over the burning aroma the cigarettes can cause.

10. Proper storing

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When you store your weed properly, then it will stay fresh for a longer period. That means, once you use it, you will surely get that skunky aroma, that is normal for this type of plant, but also, you can easily get rid of it by using room freshener, perfume, cologne, and of course ventilation, so the “old” air can be replaced with a fresh one.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to do that, and it’s on you to choose the one that will work the best for you. But if we have to choose one piece of advice from those listed above, we will probably say that ventilation is crucial in this case because everyone tries to mask it, without opening your windows for fresh air, can end up recognizing and bolding the smell – which is not your point and goal. Also, you can choose to smoke outside, to prevent the walls, furniture, and clothes collect the smell and keep it for weeks.