Dribble vs. Behance – A Brief Comparison Between The Two And What Should You Use

If you’re a designer, that means one thing. You like to post images of your work on social media platforms and portfolio platforms for the world to see. There are many questions about where you should post your work, especially revolving around two of the major platforms. Therefore, today, we will be discussing whether you should post your work on Dribble or Behance.

#1 Dribble


Dribble feels very much like a social media platform for creatives and designers. So let’s quickly discuss the pros and cons of Dribble.

Large Network

– First of all, Dribble is one of the largest design platforms and communities out there. There are tons of people on Dribble, with different levels of degrees and specialties. It’s a great place to go for inspiration and community.

Heavy Focus on UI

– Dribble is heavily influenced by UI design and visual design. It’s great if you want to find many different styles and trends that people are doing in UI, graphic, and illustration design.


– The third great thing about Dribble is it’s effortless. You post a shot up, you put in a few details, and it’s out there on the internet. Then, people can check it out. So, there’s not a lot of extra effort you need to do besides creating that Dribble shot and post it right up. You don’t have to write a long bio if you don’t want to, you don’t need to write a case study, it’s just here’s my shot, and you’re all done.

Dribble also has some other great features like a job board and a pro playbook so you can create your portfolio without having to do it somewhere else. So, there’s a few bells and whistles that you can do with Dribble, and for the most part, it’s a fast, easy, and fun platform.


Lack of Customization

– Dribble isn’t customizable. Everything is cookie-cutter, and you can only put up one shot with a title description, and that’s it. Therefore, it would be bad if you wanted to build out a case study and if you tried to use Dribble for it, it wouldn’t work.


– It also tends to promote and benefit people who lean into design trends. For example, neomorphism is becoming very popular, so if you post a neomorphic design, it’s going to get a lot more attention than other stuff. So, since Dribble leans so much to trendier things if that’s not your thing, then that platform might not be the best for you.

#2 Behance

Behance is an online design portfolio and exploration platform that is owned by Adobe. So, it’s perfect to find other designers and post up your work.


Case Studies

– Behance is fantastic for featuring more extensive case studies and more in-depth information about your work. It’s easily customizable. So, you don’t need to upload one simple shot, and then you’re done. You can put multiple images on there and stitch them together. You can also put text and animation. Furthermore, you can drop in prototypes from Adobe XD. Therefore, all these robust tools, features, and abilities allow you to showcase your work.


– Another great thing about Behance is that it’s available to everyone. It’s free to create a Behance account, and anybody can start their portfolio. It’s h4ly recommended for people just beginning in the design industry, and they don’t have a portfolio, Behance can feel like a robust portfolio if you’re just starting out.


– Behance has a variety of stuff that you’re going to find. There’s not just UI design, but also animations, motion graphics, illustration, and architecture, and there’s a lot of stuff you can find. There is no formula or cookie cutter shape that you will need to fit into on Behance.


Requires More Work

– Behance requires more work and energy since it’s more robust. You can’t just throw a quick shot up there and amaze people with your account. Everybody on Behance is laying out these beautiful case studies and gorgeous layouts. Everything is highly presented, and if you want to fit into the community, you’re going to have to follow suit and take advantage.

In Summary

The question you may ask yourself is, which platform do I use? Which one is better, or which one is right for me? The answer is, it’s up to you. There’s a right platform out there for everybody. As you do more research, you may discover that both of these platforms are not right for you. With that said, Dribble is a great place for community, inspiration, and work in progress. You could use Dribble for all those extra features and build a portfolio out of it if you wanted to. However, in the end, it’s always going to be a bit limited.

Behance will be a great place if you want to build a portfolio and build a presence for yourself. Behance is also great if you’re going to produce showpieces and showcase your skills as a designer. Lastly, if you’re looking to have a website built for you, there are great companies out there that can help you. This Orlando web design company offers a payment plan.