6 Ways a Disability Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Social Security Disability Case

Persons with disabilities are persons who have lasting consequences of physical, sensory, motor and other types of damage or illness that cannot be eliminated by treatment. In that case, medical rehabilitation does not help either, which means that these people face different types of restrictions. The state of health is reflected in the ability to work and the possibility of employment, as well as everything else. That is why there are disability lawyers, who are fighting for their rights.

These professionals enable people with disabilities to enter the labor market on equal terms or apply for other requirements. One of the common occurrences is the social security disability case. If you are currently in this process and are considering hiring an expert or want to recommend it to someone, find out below how a lawyer can help you.

1. Make your application complete

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Before you apply, you need to make sure you have a complete application. This is a key factor in getting a disability. A disabilitylawyertoronto.ca will help you with that, because he will check your application in detail and point out any shortcomings, if any. He will also know how to take adequate corrective measures, because he has experience in filling out applications. In the end, he is absolutely versed in the law, which means that he will give you answers to many questions regarding the application and everything else. This means that you will get the best advice from him, and that is very important when gathering the necessary documentation. Remember that your answers must be clear and concise, you need clear evidence such as medical documentation, but also many others. They will be proof of your claim.

2. Complete documentation

So, in addition to a good application, you also need accurate medical documentation. If you want to get the best chance of getting this request, you need to have everything with you. Collecting these documents is not an easy process, because you have to contact a lot of parties. For example, you need to get a doctor’s statement, MRI copies, X-rays, various tests and doctor’s records. The documentation collected describes your condition, and the more reports you submit, the more convincing evidence you will provide to the court. You can request this documentation yourself, but it is best for your lawyer to do so. He certainly can’t miss anything and he will be convinced that everything is organized, complete and accurate.

3. Evidence of following the doctor’s advice

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We must not forget this important factor that affects the final outcome of your request. It is not enough to prove your health. You need to prove that you followed all the advice you received from your doctors. This applies to treatment plans, taking medication and seeking medical advice. This will increase your chances of getting your claim. Take this job seriously, because if you don’t start your disability claim properly, you will probably get a lot of rejections.

4. Request tracking

Tracking the status of your application helps a lot in the whole process. You may encounter various problems during the approval process. Complications are most often caused by lost mail, incorrect communication or some other type of misunderstanding. If you do not want to miss deadlines or have your request rejected, you need to spot these problems in time. That is why we recommend hiring a lawyer who will monitor this process at all times. These professionals are fully acquainted with the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as with the system through which they pass.

The social security system is very complicated and it is difficult to work on it on your own if you are not professional enough. Fortunately, the lawyer is familiar with every part of it and can get to the heart of the situation quickly and efficiently. This means that he will take the right action at the right time so that you get the benefits you deserve. In a very short time, you will realize your rights and you will finally be able to fully dedicate yourself to your health while enjoying all the necessary benefits.

5. Filing a lawsuit

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Unfortunately, as many as 80% of requests are rejected during the first application. The most common reasons are poor quality of evidence and technical reasons. However, if you have a lawyer by your side, he will help you get along as well as possible during the first application. If your request is not accepted even then, don’t worry because there is a lawsuit period.

You can re-initiate a claim or lawsuit, but then you definitely need a lawyer. Otherwise, you will not change anything in your request and you will be rejected again. The expert will know what you need to change in your statement or what you need to supplement, because he will frame your evidence from a legal perspective. Not only will you have a better chance of winning, but the lawyer will speed up the application or appeal process.

6. Preliminary assessment

Most lawyers offer their clients free consultations. If you find a person who will meet you, ask him all the questions that interest you and you can’t find anywhere else. It is an opportunity to test your knowledge of insurance claims, but also to get a quick preliminary assessment to make sure you are sufficiently qualified for benefits. It is not always so easy to assess certain health conditions, but a lawyer will have a clearer idea about it. It all depends on how your disability affects your ability to work, how serious your condition is, and so on. The SSA program is complex. It is composed of a lot of rules and strict criteria, and that is exactly why a large percentage of applications were rejected.


Working with a professional is a good way to reduce stress in the process, but also to fight for your needs. Remember that the qualification process can be very arduous, filled with a lot of paperwork and complicated requirements. If you want to increase the probability of a successful claim, choose a quality disability lawyer.