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Unlimited Ammo Cheat


This code allows players to have infinite ammunition in their weapons while playing DayZ which means they never have to worry about running out during a heated firefight with other players. It also makes it easy to take out hordes of zombies without having to stop and reload every few minutes.

No Recoil for DayZ


This code removes any recoil from your weapon when shooting at enemies or zombies in DayZ, which greatly increases accuracy and makes it much easier to hit those long-range shots without having too much difficulty aiming or compensating for bullet drop-offs due to gravity.

Flying Hack Cheat


This code gives players the ability to fly around the map in DayZ, which makes getting around much faster than if they were walking or driving vehicles – plus, it’s great for avoiding enemies or reaching hard-to-reach places quickly.

Speed Hack

This code lets players run at super speeds in DayZ which makes it easy for them to outrun their opponents or catch up with fleeing survivors quickly and easily.

Plus, they won’t have any trouble dodging bullets either since they’re moving so fast that most bullets won’t even have time to reach them before they’ve already moved away safely.

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