7 Creative Household Uses For Rubber Stoppers – 2024 Guide

If you did some digging before opening this article, you have probably learned that rubber stoppers are tiny items, however, they have proven to be extremely useful and beneficial. In fact, with a little bit of creativity, there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to using these small objects in your home.

But, if you are unsure of how these little pieces could be used properly, you might be wondering – what are some of the most creative household uses for rubber stoppers? Fortunately for all, this is exactly what we’ll discuss in this article today. Let’s take a look at the list of all the things you could use these items for:

1. Protect Your Walls

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Of course, you could always utilize them for their primary purpose, nonetheless, if you desire to be creative, there is one thing that you could do – apply it to some unconventional areas in your home. One of the examples of this is utilizing a stopper to ensure that your doors don’t damage your walls.

Hence, you should glue them to the position where the door handle usually hits the wall and by doing so, the handle won’t damage your wall. Additionally, by doing this, you’ll also eliminate all the annoying and unpleasant banging sounds, hence, you could ensure that your household remains quiet at all times.

2. Use Them as Corner Guards

This is particularly important for people that have babies and toddlers who are always running around, playing, and touching literally everything. If you do not want your child to get injured by hitting their head on the corner of the table, you should surely purchase some rubber stoppers to prevent this from happening.

Why should you use stoppers rather than the guards usually used for kids? Well, it is simple, they’re cheaper, yet they’ll provide the same protection as other options. There are also various rubber stoppers such as the ones featured on www.etoldrubber.com, which implies that you could opt for something that will suit your needs perfectly.

3. It Will Stop Your Furniture From Moving

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Did you start noticing scratch marks on your hardwood floors from all the furniture such as chairs that you constantly move? If so, you probably know that it will take you hundreds of dollars for repairing it, and if the damage is extensive, you’ll need thousands to replace your floors.

However, you can always purchase rubber stoppers that are anti-slip, which means that it will keep all your furniture in place, but, it won’t damage your floors. It is extremely easy and simple to install them, all you’ll need to do is choose the option that suits your best, place them on the legs of the furniture, and you’ll make them entirely safe.

4. Utilize Them as a Needle Pad

Yet another creative and fun way that you could use these small tools is to use them as needle pads. How is that possible? Well, they’re quite soft, and if you stab yourself with a needle, it will certainly keep it in place, which means that it won’t puncture your skin and injure your fingers.

Besides this, you can also choose to decorate them, which is something that is quite fun and since they are small, you’ll want to leave them in a spot where they are visible. Additionally, by doing so, you’ll have lovely and useful needle pads that you could use all the time.

5. Utilize Them as Jewelry Holders

As we already mentioned in some of the previous tips, you could easily decorate these small, useful pieces. There are various YouTube tutorials where people used these plugs in order to create necklace or ring holders, all of which will same more space than, for example, the metal hooks would.

Besides it being absolutely innovative, they’re also safer and easier to attach than other options. There are literally so many things that you could choose to do with them, and all you’ll be limited to is your creativity and imagination. Hence, assure that you watch some tutorial videos to get inspired.

6. Encourage Your Kids to Be Creative

We are all staying home due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus and if you have no other ideas about how you can entertain your children, get a bunch of rubber stoppers and organize a DIY toy-making session. It will be extremely fun for your kids, and they will be left with interesting and colorful toys later on.

Besides them having endless amounts of fun, it will also encourage and develop their creativity while they are making interesting toys or objects that they can use for decorating their rooms later on. Also, it will give you some time to finish some of the household chores you have – which all people with small children need.

7. You Could Seal Holes With Them

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One of the most common things people use these rubber objects is sealing a wide range of holes in their homes. The entire process is made simple because these objects are easy to use, and since there are literally hundreds of options you can choose from, you’ll certainly find one that will be able to fit almost any hole in your house.

When it comes to choosing the size, you can always use a ruler for measuring the dimension of the hole and by doing so, you’ll ensure that you purchase exactly what you need. Keep in mind, you’ll want to purchase ones that are high-quality since it will guarantee that the hole is properly plugged.


As you were able to read and learn, rubber stoppers could be used for a wide range of things in your household, all of which will be quite beneficial for you. From ensuring that your walls don’t get damaged by your doors, all the way to using them in order to stop your furniture from moving and damaging your floors, there are literally endless possibilities with these small tools.

So, now that you are aware of all the wonderful things you can use rubber stoppers for, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should start browsing online and brick-and-mortar businesses in order to find the stoppers that will suit your needs and requirements.