The Cost Of Not Conducting PAT Testing: Risks And Consequences

In this modern world, continuous electricity and stable WiFi are two necessities without which imagining life would be tough for many, if not all. Electricity has been a boon ever since it was discovered and tamed by mankind. However, it is still one of the leading causes of house fires and other industrial accidents and mishaps all around the world. An easy way to avoid this is to implement PAT tests.

PAT test or the portable appliance test is a safe and effective means to safeguard lives, property, and resources. As the name is self-explanatory, this test requires checking the appliances which are used on a daily basis. This reduces the chances of accidents and imparts a sense of safety to all. There are many online and offline firms who are more than willing to help you and conduct the tests for you. You can check out some Local Brighton PAT Testing agencies here who would do them on your behalf.

PAT tests are of utmost importance these days. However, there are still many people who fail to understand the same and often neglect this. This leads to tremendous hazards, causing distress to many. And could also drill a hole in your pockets. The following article would discuss the importance, and how not conducting PAT tests would cost you, as the risks and consequences are too hard to ignore:

1. Electrical Shocks And Getting Hurt


The most common and hurtful thing that one can face is that someone would get hurt. It is no news that people get hurt whilst handling worn-out and broken appliances. Many times, these can induce lifelong injuries to individuals. Moreover, in the worst conditions, these shocks are so strong that they can become life-threatening if not treated promptly.

Therefore, it becomes very important for both, homeowners as well tenants to make sure that all of their devices and gadgets are in good condition. Well-maintained devices and gadgets are key to ensuring that no one gets hurt or shocked in the process of using them.

2. Electrical Fires

According to recent surveys, more than 15% of house fires in the UK are caused by electrical problems and faults. And it is the same reason that contributes to around 10% in Wales and Scotland as well. These fires are caused by faulty and outdated gadgets that have been overworked and need replacement as soon as possible.

Electrical fires are more hazardous than regular fires. There is no comparison between the two, and both are equally painful. However, the task to control electric fires is far more painstaking and daunting. Therefore, to save yourself from this, and the painful recovery process that follows, it is advised to make sure that you conduct a PAT test in your building regularly. This would allow you to avoid faulty wirings and thereby, safeguard your home.

3. Hospital Charges


On average, a good quality PAT test would cost around £90 only. It is not a very big amount that you cannot spend to safeguard the safety of all the inhabitants of your house. However, if you think about it, the hospital bills that would follow if you fail to do the checks would be big enough to drain all your savings. It is one of the major consequences that you are bound to face if you are not diligent and observant enough.

It is not an unknown fact that even a single visit to the hospital is not cheap. And this could easily add to the distress that the family is already facing due to the electrocution. All this could be easily avoided by conducting simple PAT tests. The importance of these simple tests cannot be emphasized enough.

4. Legal Penalties

Even though there is no law that mandates PAT testing in the UK, it is still a requirement at many workplaces and residential areas to prevent any mishaps. The Electricity at Work Regulation Act of 1989 clearly mentions that business owners are required to maintain a safe and secure environment for their workers. Additionally, the PUWER Act of 1998 (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation) is also implemented for the same reason. All these, when enacted together, can lead the defaulters to detainment centers.

A fine of £5000 on each item that is found faulty could easily make you bankrupt in no time. Moreover, the charges of possible manslaughter, along with at least half a year in prison, are also in provision. Therefore, to avoid such embarrassment and other legal proceedings against you, you are advised to conduct these tests regularly at the prescribed time.

5. Risk Of Losing The Value Of Your Property


Another risk of not conducting a PAT regularly is the one of losing the value of your property. Many dealers and brokers are now asking the owners to have an inspection report ready for them before putting the house on the market. Moreover, the tenants and new buyers are also avoiding these kinds of properties, as these carry higher risks of house fires and electric leakage, as no one in their sane minds would want to get into trouble knowingly.

As homeowners, you would always want to find ways to increase the overall value of your property. It is an investment with usually good returns. Therefore, be sure to get a PAT test done by professionals and retain the reports for the prescribed time period.


The PAT test is one of the most important tests these days. Getting a higher score on this one, just like any other test, is seen as a good thing, as this straight away means that your house is protected from any sort of electrical issue. It is a sure-shot way of making your house, your loved ones, and the ones you are responsible for safety. Moreover, it also helps you to save a lot on other bills that would have otherwise incurred you. Be safe and get the test done regularly.