Computer Science Programming Languages: Types and Ranking

Programming languages keep evolving and changing every year, as they are employed in more diversified applications by more people.

Every developer uses a system of words to display, construct, and run apps on different platforms. Some languages ​​are more suitable for a specific purpose than others in terms of what tools and functions they offer to users.

Conducted Languages Rankings

Such tycoons among the relevant languages as Python, C#, and many others have been at the top of the list of the most viral options recently. They dominated the rankings as millions use them for various tasks.

The demand for an operation code system is reflected in the rankings set up by organizations like PYPL and TIOBE. Still, they have opposite ranking manners. The first one is measuring the amount of 25 lookup results – including the widespread search systems. That is, this one monitors the recognition of the coding system by monitoring the number of courses and the number of engineers that use it. The latter one focuses on the frequency at which instructional videos are viewed while investigating trends.

Let’s check the hotcakes for this year presented below according to rankings. And choose the more precise one.

Best Programing Languages So Far

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For now, let’s make a review of the most widespread languages prevailing in 2024.

1. Python


It is the first on the PYPL list and one of the best background languages since 2024. Python has evolved from a language for writing automation scripts or rapid prototyping applications to a world-class code for web-based and portable construction.

The distinguishing features are the following:

  • Easy to grasp the core principle and read;
  • Related net environments for net app construction;
  • Open-source interpreter and yardstick library accessible as a resource or binary on principal platforms.

Now, Python is a sophisticated one that is interpreted, object-oriented, and based on flexible and strong semiotics.

2. Java


A different popular choice of programmer for many consecutive years. The largest brands in the world use Java to construct net-based apps and web-based back-end systems – Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay. And this is not the whole story.

Java is also the official language in the construction of Android applications. It has the greatest support from Google, and most of the applications on the Google Play shop are written in Java.

What are its prominent points?

  • Can be used on all systems;
  • Solid environment;
  • Compiling high-quality code;
  • High stabilization.

It is used to draw up enterprise-scale apps like video gaming and phone services and apps as well as to make network ones with Java Server Pages. If it is being exploited online, Java makes it possible for the download process and usage of applets via an explorer, which can then run an act that would otherwise be unavailable.

3. JavaScript


Javascript has been a constant trend for several years, not surprising that it has arrived at the top of languages since 2024. Generally, JavaScript is the foundation of visual net development.

It is commonly exploited for enriching web pages and making them interactive. By utilizing JS devs can add pop-ups, effects, and even small games for web applications.

On the other hand, with the release of ECMAScript 6 and environments like Node, Express, and React, Davis launched its exploitation for equally client and server-side operation.

Three key characteristics:

  • It is the unquestioned king of browser coding;
  • With Node.js, JavaScript provides event coding, particularly adapted to the heavy tasks of I/O;
  • It has undergone immense upgrading and redesigns in recent years.

4. C#


This is a further variation of C languages with some functionality of Java. C# is a multi-functional language that enables Davis to create just about anything – from apps for the server to portable gaming possibilities.

C# assists developers in building many popular services and apps for Windows and web-based systems. Besides, it enables the development of a broad diversity of computing apps. This is the only one that the Windows Layout Foundation uses.

While learning, you will find those features like:

  • Same as Java in abilities;
  • Great for novices;
  • Go-to to work with apps from Microsoft Corporation.

5. PHP


This one is specifically exploited for web-based development service purposes. It feeds all sorts of web pages and apps as the script code is on the server system. As a result, the code is generally utilized to build productive network pages.

This one highlights:

  • Script language available on the open-source server;
  • A short course of study;
  • Multi-platform;
  • Integrated support to work with MySQL.


When deciding what language to start, it is vital not to be caught in the flashy tendencies and recognition contests. The greatest coding systems to start this year are probably the same as in 2017 and 2018. This will also continue to be the case in the coming years.

Although the domain of coding is changing rapidly, the languages discussed above have a great strength of resistance. Learning one or more of these languages will put you in a great position not only for this year but for years to arrive.