8 Ways Cloud Communication is Making Modern Businesses More Agile

Cloud communications refer to the process of communicating with a number of people. You would think, we do the same thing with our cell phones and so what is different between the two? The difference is that cloud communication employs the internet to communicate, instead of using the standard PSTN. There are a few things that you should know about cloud communications.

When we talk about this strategy, every message sent, may it be a text message, media files, or the video conference calls that you have, are all hosted on cloud technology. Interesting, isn’t it? That said, with cloud communications you get numerous benefits, like, you are not required to install hardware of any kind, plus you will not need installation of any physical lines in your building.

Additionally, cloud communication offers several opportunities for businesses to scale and also diversify their communication strategies to a great extent. If you are looking for a cloud communication solution for your business, visit this website.

No denying the fact that the modern workforce is getting more mobile and also the trend of remote work is on the rise. That said, it often becomes difficult for people to communicate with their team because of several barriers involved.

However, cloud communications have made such things easy for businesses. It provides your employees with a rich selection of all essential applications and tools available under one roof, irrespective of the device you are using or the place you are located at.

By now we have understood that cloud communications are making businesses highly agile. However, this article further explains several ways in which you will get a clear idea of how it is making businesses more agile, these days.

Ways in Which Cloud Communications is Making Businesses More Agile

Bigger enterprises are reaccessing the capabilities and requirements of their teams when it comes to the agility of their businesses, being innovative, and handling the workforce on their mobile phones. With the new shift in workplace trends, businesses have now understood that communication is the key to managing a business these days.

Fortunately, cloud communication is a solution to all such issues and the best part about using it is that it enables you to save money, is easy to implement and helps a business scale. Without further ado, let us get started with different ways in which cloud communications is helping businesses.

1. Flexible Growth

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Cloud communications provide numerous solutions such as functionalities and features that you can employ as and when required. Meaning, you can simply turn them off, if not needed. Additionally, you will not have to take the burden of getting hardware installed.

If while developing your business, you are required to suddenly archive calls, you can do that instantly, without having to wait to add the functionality.

2. Collaboration

A few cloud communication applications available provide access to different collaboration tools that make teamwork easy. The tools that such software offers include, one-click meetings, video, and voice conferencing, document sharing with team members, scheduling meetings in just one click, instant messaging, and much more. A single software provides all of these for the utmost convenience of businesses and their employees.

3. Connection with TeamMates Instantly

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Cloud communication makes a connection with colleagues easy. That said, you can make and receive calls, schedule meetings on the fly through any connected device and from anywhere.

Several applications also allow clients to make instant calls to the teams working for them, through web pages. Such calls are initiated from the browser with the help of the internet and there are no extra charges for doing so.

4. Scalability Without Putting in Many Efforts

No matter, if you hire a single employee or have boarded an entire team, cloud communication software provides the benefits of accommodating new employees effortlessly. Every new team member can be added seamlessly and they can start working with the application at that very moment. To do so, they only require devices that are compatible with the application and an active internet connection, no matter where they are located.

5. Integration of Different Applications

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The solutions offered by cloud communication applications include all basic tools that are usually required by the employees of an organization to carry out the assigned tasks. The features of such tools include call forwarding, call redirection, auto-response, voice messages, call transfers, call archiving, interactive voice response, integration of CRM, skill-based routing, and much more. All in all its benefits extend the benefits offered by mobile phones so that the employees get everything in one place.

6. Reduction in Costs Incurred

Communications that take place on the cloud are all consolidated and hence provide benefits of reduced costs to a great extent. Costs are reduced since the need for traditional hardware, such as exchange boxes and desktop phones. Moreover, the need to spend too much on call rates reduces as well.

7. Enhanced Security

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The cloud communication software can detect all confidential information that was exchanged between two people. That said, if there was an exchange of credit card numbers or other critical personal information, then the details are automatically deleted from the log, calls, etc.

The software can also handle payments for its clients and use voice verification to verify the identity of a consumer, or you can also record an ongoing call to keep note of the information shared. A high level of security is provided by the system.

8. Enhanced Performances

With communication over the cloud, you will see an increase in the performance level of your employees. It enables employees to achieve their goals and perform better at their workplace.

The software offers superior quality of calls so that there are no interruptions between important discussions. The features integrated into the application keep the employees of a business enterprise connected to their clients and customers.


We just saw how cloud communication solutions help businesses grow and make them agile. However, the agility of your business depends on you. Moreover, the benefits offered by cloud communication software are beyond expectations and they do to businesses to a great extent. Work ethics across the world are changing, and this solution helps keep up with changing work culture.