The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Choosing a Concealed Carry Weapon

One of the very first things that humans started making on their own was primitive weapons. The earliest signs of our craftsmanship are seen in primitive blades that we know are not just any rocks. Such chiseled and sharp rocks that archeologists found were not a product of nature. They were chiseled by our earliest ancestors and used for hunting animals. Knives and blades can be used for good deeds, but they can also be used to harm other people.

Fire weapons are only made for one thing, shooting at something, that is it. A lot of people idolize them, and they are idolized in many action movies, especially in the US. These are not toys, and you should not handle guns as toys, but the Second Amendment says otherwise. Even though guns are available in the US without much regulation, that does not mean we should be irresponsible with them. If you want to carry a concealed weapon and do so properly, here is how you can choose the right pistol.

Training first


Before you get your hands on your concealed carry weapon, you need to get some training and a license with that. Whether you are looking for CPL classes in Michigan (Concealed Pistol License) or in Ohio, you want to find them and attend them. These classes are very important to get familiar with guns and how to handle them safely.

A lot of people think that using a gun is as easy as it is in movies. However, guns in real life are completely different, and they are different for the better. You need to get used to them and the only way you can do that is through training. There is only so much gun theory you can learn, the real deal comes when you hold a gun. This training will help you familiarize yourself with guns in practice but also according to the law.


Does size matter when it comes to concealed carry weapons? Yes, because you can’t carry a double-barrel shotgun as a concealed carry weapon. But also, packing a very tiny gun is also not practical for many reasons. Your range, firepower, and magazine, are also tiny in a tiny gun. But also, the size of the gun depends on your preferred size of the handle. And also, the bigger the gun the heavier it is, which affects carrying it.

There is no one perfect size when it comes to concealed carry weapons. The important thing is not to go to any of the two extremes with guns, but to find yourself in the spectrum. You will only know what size fits you when you hold the gun and test it out for yourself. You should try a couple of them before making the final decision, but you can also get a couple of guns.



Again, in movies, people just tuck a gun in their pants, which is not realistic. It is very uncomfortable, and it is not practical by any means unless you just want to be a fictional character. This is why you need a holster, so you can carry a gun in both a concealed and a practical manner. When choosing the right gun, you also need to think about its size regarding the holster you will need.

A bigger gun requires an even bigger holster, which becomes an inconvenience. And no, you should not get a holster that fits in your boot. That is another impractical trope that can’t replace the classic hip holster. There are some variations that work under the shirt, but wearing such a holster over long periods can be quite uncomfy.


Adding add-ons to your pistol is usually a good choice, but for concealed carry, you are a bit restricted. One of the best add-ons is a better grip for both comfort and better hold. This add-on usually does not restrict your holster choice. Another one would be a small flashlight or a laser dot to help you aim. Additional magazines are also a great choice if you want additional functions.

Small guns do not have a lot of ammo, and they run out of shots fast. Reloading the classical way can take a lot of time, which is why spare mags are so useful here. When getting these additional mags, you should get a holster that can carry these mags. Carrying them in a separate pouch removes the whole point of additional magazines.



Nothing in this life lasts forever, and nor do guns unless you take care of them. When getting a concealed carry pistol, you need to check how you can maintain it. Small guns usually have a lot of fixed parts you can’t remove easily. These fixed parts make sure you can’t disassemble a gun, which is sometimes very necessary.

Whether you are using your gun daily or just have it as a backup, it needs to be maintained. If a gun is not used for a long time, that can still cause malfunctions. However, firing your pistol every day takes a toll on another level, and you need to maintain it. Every gun enthusiast will tell you all the tips and tricks for maintaining your gun.

Style and personality

Even though style is not important when it comes to firepower, you still want a bit of style. Even if it has no practical meaning, getting a gun you like is very important. If you do not feel that a certain pistol is not matching your style, that can hinder your ability to use it. It may seem dumb at first, but feeling the gun for more than its practical nature is a detrimental thing you need to think about.

This guide is here to help you choose the right pistol and also to make you understand fire weapons the right way. Concealed carry is your right in many states, and so is free speech, and that comes at a cost. Even though you can say anything you want, you still need to think about the impact of those words. We can only truly be free if everyone is held accountable for their actions in an adequate manner, otherwise, it is just anarchy.