How To Choose 10×10 Canopy Tent with Custom Prints

Are you aware that over eighty percent of businesses meet their potential clients at trade shows and events, and over sixty percent of them consider trade shows as one of the strongest and most effective platforms? No wonder businesses prefer participating in trade shows to drive their sales and enhance their business prospects.

When it comes to arranging a business event or trade show outdoors, a custom-printed canopy is one of the best options to attract the audience’s attention. The trade shows offer excellent opportunities for branding and networking, so using a 10×10 canopy tent is the best way to connect with the customers. Remember that every business is unique, so the branding and marketing requirements also differ. Therefore, you need to choose the right options of customization for the best outcome.

Here is how to choose a perfect 10×10 canopy tent for your tradeshow.

Frequency of use


One of the most obvious questions that hover in your mind is the frequency of usage. For instance, you may not use the tent too often but still, look for a quality option at an economical price. The tents are lighter and budget-friendly, with aluminum frames that can use strong winds. The more is the frequency of usage. The highest should be the density of 10×10 canopy tents.

Size of the location

You need to gauge the size of the event and calculate the number of people expected to attend the trade show. Typically, the size of the tent depends on the number of people interacting with each other. A bigger tent may not always be the most suitable option, so choose 10x 10 canopies if it resonates with your requirements. Keep in mind the scope of the vent before sorting the size.

Do your planning

If you buy 10×10 custom canopy tents without adequate planning, you may have to let the investment go to waste. As trade shows offer registration facilities about six months in advance, you can get adequate time to plan for it. You can order the canopies with custom prints and get the delivery of the material. Try to arrange transportation to carry the tent to the specified venue and put it up before the trade show begins.

Consider the tent material


While buying custom canopy tents, you need to consider the material choice carefully as it would influence the performance and endurance of it. You can get 10×10 canopy tents from BannerBuzz in various material choices: canvas, waterproof vinyl, polyester, cotton fabric, etc. When used for outdoor usage, it is important to use waterproof materials as tents and also that the fabric used is UV treated and weather resistant. Also, check for the look and finish of the material to ensure aesthetic perfection and endurance. The cheaper variants of material used for tent making are not usually waterproof. Always choose high-quality rip-resistant fabric. Tent frames and poles are also made of various materials. Along with tent and frame materials, also look for the zips and ties as all these are crucial to ensure good performance and optimum functionality of tents.

Consider tent weight

While planning for canopy tents, you also need to factor in carrying it to distant places frequently. The large ones may be too heavy to carry around. The small size trade canopy tents are built with the need for mobility in mind, made of lightweight and flexible materials. However, some of the family tents are too large, making it difficult to pack up and carry around. Consider this factor before you place the order. Also, make sure that the tents you purchase are easier to install and dismantle without spending too much time and effort for the same.

Ensure proper ventilation

If you have not used a canopy tent before, you may not be aware of its horrendous effect if the ventilation inside it is not proper. For camping ones, it is paramount to ensure that ventilation is optimized to ensure a healthy occupation of the same. Look for canopy tents that have adequate ventilation with the rain fly on. Also, look for well-aligned vents to minimize the risk of condensation inside.

Look for additional features


You need to closely consider your needs for a tent to identify the needed features. However, some are essential to consider for the same areas below for canopy tents for camping usage, etc.

  • Doors – For camping and heavy-duty tents, it is ideal to have two doors to help save clambering over anyone else.
  • There should also be an adequate number of windows based on the size of the tent to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Storage pockets – Make sure that the tent space is less cluttered and there are adequate pockets to keep all the key items to find out easily.
  • Size of the awning – Having it will ensure add-on protection to the tent elements.

Also, make sure you get a popular variant that has many suitable accessories available in the market to add on as and when you need those in the future.

Traveling with the canopy

Usually, you must refrain from carrying the canopies by hand and purchase roller bags instead. However, if you manage to buy lightweight canopies, they can be easily stored in the trunk of most modern vehicles.

Exploring the types

When buying 10×10 custom-printed canopies, you need to choose the design pattern based on what you want to buy. You are sure to choose from a wide range of printed canopies as long as it suits the purpose of your event. The print and pattern you choose also need to align with the kind of products your business sells.

With the popularity of trade shows and conventions growing rapidly every day, the 10×10 canopy tents are also taking center stage. When it comes to enhancing brand awareness and motivating the customers who visit the booths in trade shows, the custom-printed canopies can favor these events.