Chad Wheeler Net Worth 2024


The world of American Football is full of superstars of all kinds, but not every story is glorious. People like Chad Wheeler justify the fact that not every celebrity is a role model. While we knew Chad best for his exploits on the pitch, his career took a downward turn really quickly.

The Seattle Seahawks no longer employ him but that’s where he spent most of his career. However, it was never supposed to be the case for a young, talented athlete with an incredibly high-profile scouting report. Chad was 12th on the official prospectus in his position and the recruitment teams were running rounds around him.

All that popularity doesn’t matter as he is going through a criminal conviction for alleged involvement in a violent crime. This article tells all about the life and times of Chad Wheeler.

Early Life And Career


Chad Wheeler was born on 19th January 1994. The athlete was a prodigy in football right from the primary levels. He was set to be a superstar after his performances as a player with Santa Monica High School, California. As a player he was able to play multiple positions but offensive tackling was the one.

Even as an injury-prone athlete, Chad was able to impress scouts and experts at the college football tournaments with USC Trojans. His injuries ranged from Minor shoulder knocks to numerous concussions and torn ACL’s.

Wheeler continued his progression with Second Team All Pac-12 in 2015 and as First Team All Pac-12 in 2016. Following this, he joined and played for New York Giants for two years before moving to his final destination. At Seattle Sehawks, Chad was eventually fired as a domestic violence & assault case was lodged against him.

A Few Facts About Chad Wheeler

While we do know about the major controversies and event, you might have missed these facts about Chad Wheeler:-

  • As a contracted NFL players, Wheeler was in the starting lineups for 19 out of the 32 games he was available for.
  • Scouts were following Wheeler since his high school days and hence his recruitment was directly from USC Trojans in 2016.
  • Chad Wheeler is a massive 6ft 7inches tall and weighs over 318 pounds which seems typical for an elite footballer.
  • Interestingly, he shares his birthday with eminent personalities like Pope St. John Paul II & Former President Bill Clinton.
  • Santa Monica, Chad’s locale, isn’t a traditional home for high level NFL athletes and hence he was a popular figure among his city neighbours.
  • In a recent development, Chad’s father claimed that professionals had diagnosed his son with bipolar disorder in 2016. However, there’s a school of thought which believes that this is only to help his legal defence in the domestic violence case.

Net Worth


At this point, Chad Wheeler is assumed to be bi-polar and hence isn’t in charge of his estate. However, as per the latest estimates, he is worth more than 1.5 Million USD. Most of his earnings are from professional NFL contracts with NY Giants and the Seahawks.