7 Ways Blocked Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Since gutters are an important part of the roof system, you must not neglect them. This means that you need to maintain them regularly so that you do not have major problems. In that case, the gutters could become clogged and your home could be damaged. Remember that they are used in your home in many ways and when they are not clean. This means that it is possible to damage your home even to the ground.

This external plumbing system in your home can often be forgotten, and when it is neglected and not cleaned, it poses a huge threat. Such damage is not only unpleasant but also extremely expensive. Don’t forget to clean the gutters regularly every year if you don’t want the following situations to happen to you.

1. Water leakage

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A cleaned gutter will not slow down the flow of water that goes along its entire length through the drain pipe. However, a gutter in poor condition will significantly slow down this process.

Remember that water will always find its way, because it has to go somewhere. If it can’t flow along the gutter, it will probably return to your canopies, under the gutters, or it will find some other place on your roof, ceiling, etc. If this situation happens to you only once, know that you will face a big and expensive problem. It will not be able to measure with a clogged gutter, because a large amount of moisture will be in your home.

In this way, you run the risk of getting structural damage that is difficult to repair, and the costs are extremely high. The appearance of moisture in your home leads to mold and mildew, but also on the gutter itself. We must not forget that such conditions can go unnoticed for a long time, because they hide behind walls or around door and window seals. Although this is a very ugly picture and smells unpleasant, we are talking about a very dangerous phenomenon for your health. This situation also implies additional costs, and if you do not solve them soon, the mold becomes more dangerous and spreads more and more.

2. Pests

Pests are definitely the next irritating and dangerous phenomenon for a household. They mostly inhabit places that are humid. The damaged gutter has all the wetland conditions they need, which makes it a driving place for these hosts. For example, it could be insects like mosquitoes, but also others. Undesirable creatures can also be termites, carpenter ants and many other pests.

They multiply very quickly, and the longer they are there, the bigger the damage and the harder it is to get rid of them. That is why it is necessary to act quickly and prevent their appearance. They not only like a moist environment but also one that contains a lot of twigs, leaves, moss and other impurities. When you add to that the weight of the animals that inhabit such places, you can expect additional damage. If you notice pests or too much dirt, you should probably invite professionals to help you. Visit here and find out what services pros offer.

3. Heavy weights

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Although gutters are designed to withstand the flow of water, they are not made for heavy weights. Therefore, the presence of pests, wet residues and too much water is very bad for them. They will not be able to withstand this pressure and will very quickly separate from the wall and the roof. This will leave you without gutters, but you will also have more damage to your home. They can also just start to bend and break. They only have screws and simple brackets.

4. Wood damage

If you clean your gutter regularly, it will do its job properly. This means that your wooden fascia’s will not be soaked with water. However, if the situation is exactly the opposite, be sure that wooden fascia will be exposed with much more water than allowed. They are not designed for floods, which means that they will deteriorate and rot in a short period of time. In this way, the appearance of your home is damaged, and repairs are very expensive. One way to protect against this is to use gutter systems that include aluminum gutter covers.

5. Damage in the yard

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We must not forget about landscaping and foundation, because too much water affects them very badly. Even though you think your trees and shrubs love water, know that it is too much water for them as well. We are sure that there is a big difference in whether you water them with a garden hose or a fire hose, because a clogged gutter affects them exactly like that. Water must flow as a rule which means it must be farther from the house. Otherwise, you will witness the movement of the foundation, its sinking or cracking.

Don’t forget that the water in your driveway can cause serious disturbances that will jeopardize your daily functioning. For example, water in your yard causes cracks, holes and movement. All of this can adversely affect your vehicle and there is a risk of tripping. Ice can also cause you big problems. When gutters discharge a large amount of water during the winter period of the year, there is a great danger of slipping. Over time, water flows through your gutters to your driveway.

6. Roof damage

Of course, your roof is in great danger due to poor gutter maintenance. Since the water will not flow in the regular direction, it will endanger the edge of the roof, its surface, but also underlining materials. Once this damage spreads, you will need to replace the roof.

7. Damage to doors, windows and walls

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Other parts of the house are equally endangered, because they are not designed to have too much contact with water. For example, there may be flooding of your terrace, damage to bricks, but also damage to furniture. Due to too much moisture, the walls are prone to bending, distortion and become very weak. Since the doors and windows will give way, too much water will very quickly enter the interior of your home.


In order not to experience situations like this, you need to clean your gutter regularly. The ideal period for the annual maintenance of gutters is autumn, before rainy days and winter. If you do it yourself, make sure you have adequate equipment, and if you are not sure enough, be sure to hire professionals.