The Best Skills You Can Learn Online

While most people may end their formal education at college or university, we never stop learning. Life is always teaching us new skills, from how to fit new wiper blades to our cars to the importance of keeping a rainy day fund.

Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way, only after we’ve made a mistake. Other times, other people pass their wisdom on to us, like a recipe that’s been passed down several generations or from a colleague who’s already faced the same challenge as us.

There are times when there aren’t people around us that can pass on these skills. In those cases, it used to be difficult to find the information we needed, but thankfully, things are much easier. The internet has given us the ability to learn just about every skill imaginable.

How to Get Out Stains

It’s happened to us all. You’re wearing your favourite shirt or dress and tragedy strikes. You spill your drink or drop your food on it, leaving a big stain. Some stains are easier to get out than others, some of the toughest come from tomato, ink, grass and even your own sweat.

Thankfully, the internet has answers for all of these stain removal challenges, and most solutions involve ingredients already in your house. Just head to Google and type in “how to remove X stain”.

How to Play Cards

Card games are some of the oldest that we still play today. The cards themselves can be traced back around 1,000 years, while games like blackjack are several hundred years old. If you’re at a party with friends, it can be a little daunting if someone asks you to join in with a card game and you don’t know the rules.

Thankfully, it’s now possible to learn how to play poker and other card games online. You can watch experienced and professional players through streaming services, read about different strategies, and practice in games against other people, all over the internet.


How to Fix Your Car

Sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to leave it to the professionals. Other times, you can save some money and learn some valuable skills by fixing your car yourself.

Need to replace your spark plugs? Got to replace your tyre? Does a bulb need replacing? No problem, you’ll find YouTube videos for all of them, often even for your own specific car. It’s often easier than you think, so watching someone else do it as you follow along is often easier than you’d think.

How to Swim

If you’re a fan of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory, you may remember Sheldon explaining how he learned to swim on the floor of his apartment. While it sounds silly, it is possible to, at least in part, learn to swim online.

It’s an important skill to have, according to the Red Cross, over half of the US population can’t competently swim, putting their lives in danger if they ever fall into a body of water.

There are plenty of guides online that will help you pick up the basics, including how to control your breathing, getting used to floating on the water, and basic stroke techniques.

You will, of course, need to apply what you’ve learned in a swimming pool to perfect your technique, but at least you have all the foundational knowledge ahead of time.

How to Manage your Emails

Almost everyone can send emails. They are powerful tools that help us to communicate more efficiently, but if we’re not careful, our emails begin to control us. Between 2014 and 2018, office workers sent and received an average of 90 emails every day, leaving them with little time to do other important tasks.

That’s why it’s never been more important to learn how to master your inbox. The online learning platform, Skillshare, has a range of classes designed to help you learn techniques like automatic filters and filing systems that will help you get back in control of your emails. You’ll also learn about different extensions that you can use to supercharge Gmail or Outlook.

By applying some of the techniques in these classes, you’ll spend less time reading, replying and getting stressed about the constant flow of emails that pour into your inbox.

How to find help online

Many students can’t find the right literature when preparing for exams or papers and internet is the best source of information. Simply typing the name of the subject needed, for example “how to find help online” and many sites with examples and tips will pop up. There are also platforms like where you can ask for help in writing, or some other platforms where you can find help in learning new language or computer skills

Only sky is the limit when browsing the internet for help.