Best Educational Video Games For Students

Many people criticize video games for being addictive, but what if they can be used to increase the academic performance of young people? Today, college studies have become even more complicated with the higher workload and stress levels. Sometimes, the amount of daily tasks is so overwhelming that students start looking for other ways to handle this like sending a request, «Can you write my paper for cheap?» to a student-helping service. Standard projects, essays, and other assignments are boring, so teachers are looking for new ways to make students motivated and improve their academic results. Luckily, in the era of digitalization, we can test different approaches, including online video games.

Top video games to make you study better

Many students love playing games as it is the best way to relax after a hard day in college. In fact, video games are not that bad, especially today, when they can be used for good purposes. With that in mind, scientists developed a few good educational games that help young people not only learn new information in a more interesting way but also become more creative and develop communicational and problem-solving skills. On this list, you can find some great options to try:

My Word Coach

As it comes from the name, this game is aimed at increasing your vocabulary and developing communication and confidence. Playing on Nintendo, students receive an opportunity to freely express themselves in six completely different games based on words. You will also have a built-in dictionary with over 17K words loaded;

uDraw Studio

If you are a beginner studying design, you will definitely like playing this game. Using PS3 and a drawing device, you will be able to become an artist and create your own masterpiece (either alone or working with friends on the same project);

Dragon Box

Nobody likes Math, and the reason is always in complexity and boredom. When you don`t understand the subject, you don’t like it, that’s all. This game solves this problem: first, it explains the concepts behind the task. Secondly, it has visual elements that make students interested and help resolve the tasks more quickly. What is more important, at one moment students just forget they are doing Math and just play instead;

Code spells

As software development is today one of the most progressive and demanded fields, learning code in college may become a valuable skill. The game is good for beginners and is based on learning Java code. Playing as a gnome character, you can learn coding skills more quickly and efficiently;

Mind Snacks

The game is aimed at learning foreign languages so you can choose Chinese, Japanese, French, German, or Spanish and memorize the main concepts by playing a game. It saves you from wasting hours trying to learn texts from books and memorizing complex elements without proper explanation and visualization. The game also uses repetition for better words memorizing and is convenient to play even on the go;

Civilization revolution

The game teaches students history, some cultural values, and explains different terms and historical events in an entertaining and easy way. By creating your own empire you learn the principles of the society of those times, and other interesting facts;

Game Star Mechanic

This one works perfectly as a designing guide for beginners. Developers have even created an opportunity to build your own games and share them with friends. The game allows you to express creativity and acts as a huge community for young designers. Some teachers successfully use the game to make students gain life and problem-solving skills;

Mindblown life

High school seniors know little about money, so learning the basics is a must to feel comfortable in college. The game teaches students money management in a funny way and requires balancing personal and professional stuff simultaneously. Besides, you can play with other students in the game.