Annette Haven Net Worth 2024 Guide

She is an excellent bar dancer and a well-renowned actress in the 1970s to 1980s adult films. Haven attracted several directors, audiences, and actors with her mesmerizing performance and looks. To date, most directors regret not working with Annette Haven. Moreover, many still believe that Haven acts better than present-era vamps. Here are a few interesting facts about Annette Haven about her career, milestones, less known facts, net worth, and many more. So, read on.

About Annette Haven

Annette was born in 1954 and native to Nevada located in Las Vegas. She is from a Mormon family. At the very young age of 17, she ran away from her home to live with her loved ones. After a few years of her marriage, she divorced her husband. Annette said, “sex was all about pleasure and nothing to do with taboos or sins.”

Annette Haven’s Early Life And Family


She is very famous for her acting in adult films. Initially, she worked as a stripper and a bar dancer. After that, she met a porn star, Bonnie Holiday, in this bar and finished over hundreds of adult films. She had a successful career and earned a lot of money from her movies. At present, she is in her late sixties.

Career And Milestones

Annette was one of the popular adult film actresses who acted in “A Coming of Angels, Desires Within Young Girls, The Grafenberg Spot, Obsessed, Barbara broadcast, Sex World, Dracula Sucks, Maraschino cherry, and many more.” Numerous famous directors loved her body and the way she performed. She has also become one and only choice for many directors. And she always says that sex is all about pleasure.

Exciting Facts That Nobody Knows About Her


Want to know more about this famous adult film actress? If yes, here’s exciting stuff that you might be interested in.

  • She became famous as a Cave Woman. In her time, she was considered a remarkable actress in the film industry. Then, she became the only choice for several directors due to her body and good looks. She never felt guilty for her choices. She’s a feminist. She was into modeling before performing in Showbiz.
  • She is famous even now. Many directors regret not working with her. She has a sexy body and ultimate performance. Haven is a star for many people in the industry.
  • She was very professional and a workaholic. She used to restrict herself to the set of restrictions while playing a particular scene. Also, Annette didn’t like directors to hire her in bondage or facial scenes. She used to make her co-stars comfortable. That’s why most of the satyrs love to work with Annette. In violent sexual acts, she had turned herself according to the scenes.

Annette Haven’s Net Worth

Her revenue is estimated to be between $1 to $6 million. However, her current earnings aren’t known. These are the estimated income from her acting skills. Her primary sources of income include modeling, adult actress, pornstar, and a stripper.