How to Analyze Basketball Matches for Betting – 2024 Guide

Basketball is one of the most popular team sports played around the globe. The game involves two teams competing against each other using baskets at either end of the court. The objective is to score points by shooting free throws, dunking the ball over the rim, and rebounding the ball off the backboard.

That also means there are loyal bettors who prefer basketball over any other game. Do you want to beat the odds and make some extra cash from basketball betting?

Betting in basketball games has become extremely popular over recent years, especially during the playoffs. Sports fans often enjoy watching their favorite team compete against other teams in the league. The results of these games are always exciting and unpredictable.

Analyzing basketball matches for betting isn’t as simple as it seems. There are several aspects involved, such as analyzing statistics and trends, predicting future outcomes, and evaluating player performances.

A sports prediction tool such as betFIRST can tell you exactly what teams can beat each other, calculating some of the odds.

Each match has a specific betting strategy that it needs to follow. In this article, we shall discuss how to bet on basketball matches in detail, and run analysis before you do that.


1. Decide whether you want to make money or entertain yourself

This is an important thing to do because it helps you determine the preferred betting volume.

2. Choose your favorite team

It’s understandable you have one or two, even though they aren’t the best this season.

3. Start reading about the game

Being familiar with the game helps you come up with a better strategy.

4. Analyze the strengths of each player

It’s a crucial part of the analysis because every player makes a significant difference when it comes to the overall performance.

5. Look for patterns

If there are any.

The five steps above will show you how to analyze basketball matches for betting purposes.

Why do you need to analyze basketball matches?


Analyzing basketball matches for betting purposes is a lucrative and fun activity. There are different strategies that can be used to win bets when analyzing games.

Match analysis involves:

  • Identifying trends that occur during games
  • Determining which teams will likely come out a winner
  • Predicting the final outcome of those games

To perform match analyses, sports bettors must collect information about teams and players involved in the contest. People can obtain this information by watching live broadcasts of games or reading newspapers or magazines that cover team news. Some websites offer live streaming video feeds of sporting events, so sports bettors can access live streams without having to watch the actual games.

Sports bettors can perform basketball match analyses in several different ways. One common method involves conducting statistical analyses of the performance of individual players.

Statisticians calculate statistics like scoring averages and the rate of turnovers for individual players. They evaluate player efficiency by comparing their stats to the stats of all other players throughout the season.

Another way to analyze matches is to compare players’ stats across multiple games.

This technique reveals patterns in player performances over time. For example, statisticians study the winning percentages of players after each quarter of play. Statistics can also reveal differences between teams. For instance, statisticians track players’ numbers of assists and rebounds to identify which team possesses superior ball-handling skills.

Finally, statisticians examine the performance of teams based on head-to-head matchups. Using this method, statisticians measure a team’s performance against its opponent and predict whether the team will defeat or lose to its opponent.

What factors do I need to keep in mind while working on basketball match analysis?


Analyzing basketball games for bettors involves many different aspects of mathematics, probability, statistics, and sports knowledge. In order to correctly predict how a game will play out, we need to first understand what factors affect the outcome of a match.

These factors include team strengths, player abilities, injuries, fatigue levels, etc. Once we have analyzed these various components, then we can determine whether the odds are favorable for our chosen team.

Most professional basketball leagues use a simple point spread system. Point spreads are determined before the start of every season based on predictions of who will win each matchup.

Odds makers take into consideration a variety of variables to create a line that reflects the public perception of who will win the game. Points scored and points allowed are among the primary determinants of the final score.

Other variables considered include shooting percentage, turnovers, rebounding, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, steals, blocks, and fouls committed. Team statistics are also taken into account. Teams are ranked according to their record, playoff seeding, and individual standings.

When determining the amount of money to wager on a particular matchup, the bookmaker takes into account the current point spread along with the home and away advantage associated with each team. Bookmakers adjust point spreads frequently throughout the year to reflect changing perceptions and events.

Before placing any bets, however, we should identify the best way to analyze a basketball game and calculate its value. To do this, we need to examine the following questions:

  • What determines the winner?
  • Which teams are likely to lose?
  • Are there any trends worth considering?
  • What are the chances of a tie?
  • How does the game compare to previous matches?

Or, you can move to the most important one:

What determines the winner?


The answer contains two parts:

Team Strength – One of the most obvious characteristics of a basketball team is its overall talent level. Simply put, the stronger the team, the more capable they are of scoring and defending effectively. Stronger teams tend to beat weaker ones, regardless of the point spread.

Player Ability – A second factor affecting the outcome of a game is the quality of the players on each side. Players with superior skills and talents are generally able to overcome the weaknesses of less talented teammates.


Knowing all these things, we are sure you can come up with a great basketball betting analysis, that will help you profit from your favorite game.