How to Change Your Kindle’s Name

Did you know that you can give your Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire tablet a name? Follow along with me and I'll show you...

How To Create A Human Silhouette In Photoshop

Do you want to know how to make a simple Silhouette? Well your at the right place. Here's a simple, quick and easy tutorial,...

Choosing A Monitor Online – Buying Guide

In this post we’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying or choosing a monitor online. This guide will include a learning guide...

Causes of Losing Wireless Connectivity

It's very frustrating to constantly lose your Wi-Fi connection. You call your ISP and they reset the modem/router by sending an electronic signal, or...

How The iPad Enhances Our Lives

I didn't see the point. Why? Well, we both have computers, we have laptops and we have iPhones. I didn't see that we needed...

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