Parts Of The Computer System

Your computer is made up of several key computer components which all work together to make the system work and function. Each component does...

Retrieving Deleted Files From Corrupted HDD

There are very rare instances when your computer HDD suddenly becomes very corrupted and unusable that you are left with no other option but...

Svchost.exe and How To Deal With It Right

Mysterious Svchost.exe file wonders users all over the world. I'd like to shed light on it and explain, when this file is good and...

How To Tell If Your Computer Is Infected

Computer infections are nasty things, they do damage cause network congestion and result in loss of business and network outages. Malicious programs cause big...

Important Things You Need to Know About Solid State Drives

The trend of modern technology is to make things smaller and thinner. What used to be huge and bulky has now become pocket-sized and...

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